Bitcoin Mining With North America's Largest Miner


Our guys bang bang. Got fred here. Thank you so much for doing this. Thank you great to be here absolute. Let's get started with marathon in kind of your background. So marathon is one of the largest. Bitcoin miners in north america. What did you do before you on the board and then became the see you so twenty. Five plus years running technology companies across a variety of sectors. Fintech was a big one. Matter of fact my first programming job was at a bank so grew up really understanding the friction. The financial markets was had the good fortune taking some companies public. Doing a lot of a and then switch to the dark side became a private equity managing partner and did leveraged buyouts tech companies and then started advising really large funds and tech companies. I had known the ceo. Marathon merrick former ceo now executive chairman for many years socially or kids grew up together and i joined the board in two thousand eighteen. Really that help him with kind of the transition to bitcoin. Mining and blockchain always been fascinated by blockchain. I think it's a great leveler. If you look at kind of how the internet developed and brought kind of the democratization of information i think people exposing data on the blockchain is going to change. How businesses operate imagine companies like salesforce. Who effectively hold your crm data hostage. If all that data around the block chain not only could use salesforce taxes and gained benefit from it. But you could use other applications. I think there's just a were so early in this blockchain development. Bitcoin cryptocurrencies. Just one part of it. I'm a big believer in the bitcoin. Blockchain foundation for financial institutions very secure fully decentralized network. You know you can say other things about ethier. Money has some great benefits. But it's still is less decentralized than the bitcoin blockchain and there's just so much you can do so. I was very excited at the opportunity to step into more of an operating a marathon. And i think now's the time where you'll see. The miners become more professional. Companies were real enterprises. If you just look at the build out plans most of us have you know. We'll be billion dollar revenue companies within the next year and a half to two years and those become big companies and they need to be run in a proper way with good

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