Wet Notes - 6-6-21


This is wet notes. Scuba shack radio's news and information update for sunday. June sixth two thousand and twenty. One first up. I like give you a quick update from stewart. Coves dive bahamas stewart. Coves has moved to new location. In coral harbour. Coral harbour used to be home of dive dive dive in nassau scuba center. Both are now gone. Stewart just moved to this new property in the last month and he has bought and he has big plans for the place right now. The main building is under significant renovation. So he has constructed some temporary structures to accommodate divers while things progress. I had a nice chat with stuart on his plans to build out the facility. And make it a great place to do your diving. When in nassau we are really looking forward to seeing how everything evolves move when we get back there next year. Good luck. Stewart as you begin this new phase. I'm sure you will make it a world class diving operation in the may two thousand and twenty one edition of the divers alert network. Safety stop newsletter. They introduced the return of the dan tags. So what are they will. The dan tags are small round crafted aluminum tag. That can easily attach to your. Bcd you tag will be laser engraved with important emergency information. That will help in the event that something happens. The dan tag will include your name date of birth. Your dan membership number any specific medical information. You'd like to disclose like allergies or other medical conditions plus contact. They're pretty attractive. Bright red and are easy to order from the dan website. The cost of the dan tag is twenty dollars. Check them out at divers alert network dot org and go to their online store in personalized. Your tag a couple years ago magazine. Podcast did a series on ballast and it was hosted by allen. Kelsey well ellen is back with a new five part series called the sound aquatic the ocean and the antra pause the first episode debuted on may twenty fifth and will run each week through june twenty-first. This series is about the sound scrapes that scientists are recording the surprising ways that animals talking. Listen and how the cove nineteen pandemic triggered a quietness in the ocean that is renewing commitments to lower ocean noise. The podcasts are quick moving and entertaining. You can find them at hawkeye magazine dot com or on any of your favorite podcast apps. Oh and if you wanna know what andro pause means. The term refers to a global reduction in modern human activity and it was coined by researchers in june. Two thousand twenty article in nature ecology and evolution. Guess she learn something new every day now. Here's some discouraging news out of grand cayman and it doesn't have to do with the covid nineteen pandemic but rather about another disease outbreak among coral the stony coral disease or sc td. According to an article in the came encompass an isolated area containing disease was spotted at life off a smith cove. And that's along the south west coast and that's not good. The came in department of environment also reported infected sites amal along grand cayman's east coast the now suspects that divers and boat operators be spreading it although scientists are still not exactly sure how stony coral tissue disease spreads. If you look at the outbreak map you get the feeling that it could be divers or boat. Operators there are new disinfecting guidelines for local divers. Not sure how these will translate to us when the caymans open back up again as if we didn't have enough to contend with with covid nineteen now it stony coral tissue disease and our dive gear every day. Now we're learning about more destinations for diving opening up around the world. One of these locations is bon air. There was an article on dive. News wire from the bon air tourism department. That indicated that. Us flights will resume. On june fifth and the country is launching an island-wide health initiative american and delta will be resuming their wednesday and saturday flights from miami and atlanta. Unlike the bahamas of it appears that you'll still need an antigen or pcr tests even if you are vaccinated before entry and of course for returning to the united states. It sounds like you might be able to get these tests at the airport or at three other facilities on the island so even though bonaire will open. Be sure you're properly prepared. Hopefully in the near future you'll be able to travel without restrictions if you're fully vaccinated and finally here on wet notes. I just saw that. Bob ballard has a new book out and it's titled into the deep and memoir from the man who found titanic a couple of years ago. We met doctor ballard at the sixty fifth boston. Sea rovers clinic and his presentation was fascinating. Some sure the book will be equally fascinating. There was an article on cnn where they interviewed bob allard. And according to this article the book delves into some of the most defining moments of his personal life including the tragic death of his son. Ballard turned seventy nine in june and he said that depend pandemic. He had a lot of times on his hands. So he teamed up with christopher drew the new york times who's an investigative journalists to write the book into the deep by robert. Ballard would be a good one to add to your summer reading list. Well that's it for this edition of wet notes here on scuba shack radio

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