A highlight from Season Three: The return of in.pencil, Tom DeLonge, UAPs, E3, and a bit more

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Back to the input the gas yes. It's an entirely entirely too too long too long time like as far as how long it's been since we did about. Guess yeah does it make sense. Yeah it's been a well if you count the The live podcast. We did yeah okay whatever. That was apple as i can. Never remember that stereo scary org Wind caveats to reigniting or starting We could just call season. Three of the in pencil. I guess because call season three since season two was cut short due to a writer strike. Yeah so few plugs. A the youtube channel Been inactive a little while as guest. So look for new things on youtube channel coming up really soon be stereo at. We did a live podcast on the stereo that stereo which is still on the are counts so go go check those out if you want links on our website and What else what else. What else who are working on I'm in location on the other side of the world from where i was a few months ago. he's in a bunker thousand feet under the earth's core. Yes that's exactly right. And how wifi here but we do. The room recording in is effectively. What i'm calling my news to you. Although i haven't quite gotten completely set up yet so it may sound a little echo. But the echo is a compensation for the fact that now. I no longer have birds in planes and trees in scraping in all kinds of weird stuff in the background of the audio. And now it's just a persistent echo so enjoy that and this is our first recording in this new location with his knee location which means there may be a little bit of lag here and there were still working out all the problems so we apologize for that. That's just how it goes. sometimes indeed we are On opposite sides of the globe at the moment and will be for the next year or so. So now i know we dear listeners sees me i know what you're thinking will. Shouldn't you each record your audio in march together. That's that's thinking too much. No record audio together way. Too much yeah. It's more work than either of us. Want to date which i mean it's not. It's there's actually easier ways to do it but we're just not going to do it. Is the name of the game here.

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