Dr. Francis Fukuyama on How Technology Is Shaping American Democracy


Well. I thought we would begin. I'd love for it to to cover a number of topics as your. Your field of expertise is so expensive to cover both geopolitics as well as technology for some who knew me know your earlier works. They may not be quite as familiar to the extent to which you've dealt with so much further into technology which which as the conversation goes on. I'm sure he's going to make sense to those people listening and watching inasmuch as the those of becomes so enmeshed and would love to talk a bit about your own diagnosis as well as some of your own Recommendations for improvements in all of the above. But i wanted to begin Dr fukuyama with the rise of populism. This is certainly a trend that has been accelerating and we see everything from the election of donald trump in two thousand sixteen brexit the uk a number of countries that have either elected or Have one thinks of marine le pen in france candidates who arising within various countries. Who can be described as populist. Talk a bit about your own diagnosis. If you would as to some of the factors at play that have led to this sure. So i think we need to begin with the definition of populism They're actually different varieties. There's a left wing version. Which would be. Google says on a right wing version. Which would be donald trump They have some things in common. So populous argue that The world is actually being run by a ball leads. That are self interested. That are manipulating a politics for their own. Self interested purposes and cutting ordinary people out of that loop the difference. I think between the right and left wing versions. Is that the left wing. Populace wanna redistribute income and wealth. You know massively. To from rich to poor of the right wingers intent on issues like national identity where they oftentimes Associate national identity with a particular ethnic group so for example. Viktor orban and hungry us as that. Hungarian national identity is based on hungarian ethnishity. Which isn't so great. If you're not an ethnic hungarian living in budapest or somewhere else in the country

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