Relationship Mistakes and How To Avoid Them


Today's episode is about Relationship mistakes and december five relationship. Mistakes and i thought of things that we don't usually think of. They're not the it's not going to be communication or communicating better. I mean of course sure. But i'm trying to think of things that maybe different or fresh that you haven't thought about before or heard because i think that's gonna you know it's going to help you more so the number one is to allow the relationship to just go on. Its own right to let go of the steering wheel. I think that many people have a misconception that if the chemistry strong or if there's a good connection at your attracted to someone you know the more you think someone is hot. The the the relationship is going to be in that is not true relationships default to drift. So that means if you do nothing other than encourage the field goods and you know you. Make out a hut in the sexist grade. That's amazing But that's still will default to drift. Would it mean by that is. We are in our heads a lot right. No relationship is perfect and as we go throughout our day. We are analyzing jumping to conclusions. We are Catastrophes right lotta cognitive distortions. Were comparing our relationship to other relationships right so all of that is happening already on top of that. There's the the stress of life there. Is you know daily anxiety. All the shit that we go through individually and we're out in the world We're also gonna notice other people and be attracted to other people and that's okay too. It just means we're human. It doesn't mean we're going to do anything about it but just if you're alive you're gonna find other people attractive. I mean there's billions of people on this planet right

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