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Shoulder widens, and there's the next exit. Now Sitting in her lawyer's office, Harper is suing state police, saying the pit was negligent and excessive force. Harper's lawyer wants the lawsuit to change state police policies, saying there needs to be limits on when officers are allowed to use pits that she should sue the hell out of them. Okay. Now I know what you're saying. Why did you flee? She wasn't fleeing, She explains. Listen. Were you fleeing? In this case? Do I slow down a few more seconds, and none of this would have happened. I feel like I had heard that That's what you do You slow down, you put your Flashers on and you drive to a safe place. Turns out that's textbook, according to state police is driver License Study guide under what to do when you're stopped, Number one says to use emergency Flashers to indicate to the officer that you are seeking a safe place to Job. Now she sounds accurate and logical to me Now. We talked about this story earlier in front page news, and a guy called in and said this after the fact. Listen, y'all put down law enforcement too much. Y'all know these people be out here, Wilder.

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