Hitting Rock Bottom and Where to Go Next With Dr. Shefali


Talk to us about rock bottom because rock bottom. You should before that it can be a gift. And i bring up rock bottom as the next thing to get into because in one way our ego attaching to all these different identities is painful. And there's a lot of suffering that comes with it on another side is that if we're quote unquote lucky enough. We may hit rock bottom which is very scary for a lot of people but actually you say that it could be a gift. Tell us why because when we hit rock bottom what that really means is that we are forced to look at who we are without the identity. We typically hit rock bottom because one afar role identifications has gone into the gutter either. Arcade is on drugs or are army. Left us or the job. Fired us you know. It's typically. I'm just being very broad and we think we are unhappy because the kid is a drug addict yet. I'm sure that's very alarming. But the real rock bottom is coming because we don't know who we are without that fantasy without that identity off the successful entrepreneur the successful parent of the successful wife or husband and that identity has been shattered. That's why we're at rock-bottom. Finally the identity identification has shattered against the rock and finally we are. We are forced to ask bear a naked. Who are now. And it's exciting. Because now the real you that has been yearning to come all. This time has the chance to finally service.

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