A highlight from Mr. Fruit Reenacts Horizon Forbidden World Reveal

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Guys acid is expensive morals. Motoc dreaming on hulu. I hope you're on my name's mischief and welcome to the g. g. over easy podcast episode. Eighty six. i do believe in today's episode. We talk about current things. I well we talk about. Sonic i practically act out the new horizon. Forbidden west game reveal. It's pretty sick was cool new dying light news. It's actually officially happening. Style e sports tangents will have our tangents here. Lots of cuban. As i as always somehow we talked for nearly two hours. So hopefully you'll listen or watch for nearly two hours so stay tuned Pardon your regular scheduled. Podcast listening for this short. Add brick ladies and gentlemen welcome to g g over. Easy welcome back. Hopefully i mean we love listeners. New person yeah we love the newness but we also what's up new. I'm being real. You're welcome back. The slowly declining returning viewer base. What sir thank you. Thank you shoot back to believe what i had. Another one of those moments in destiny to. That's so awesome dude like a- blue well. Most people like people come saturday night. Live this new to like to the up just the other day like just hit bag because this diff- great dude. He was really nice he was like yeah and then i was like oh. I'm so glad that you watch us. And he would just like and then he hits. Oh no i don't watch guys anyway. And then he and then he hits me with the used to love you guys. And i was like the right arty adverts you try try try. Try and take from the good in that. They meant good when they said it. So that's how from it. But i'm still honored that also out but also again you guys. This content is awesome. Is you know that you guys content was awesome. When claire hears about that she's like her she understands like you know from the perspective of like the person that met us. They been well and clear. Like i never really thought about that way but seeing it from angle she's like at puts it in perspective and she's like i guess if i ever meet somebody like it won't be like i used to love i wa- just be like hey great content or you know like if it's like whatever's coming cool yeah whatever medium their it's just like hey i love what you do you just leave it at that. Don't yeah dagger. Yuck watching videos. And they're gonna be like. Oh no no no no. I don't get it twisted go right comp boy when i did taste i used to watch you guys. Okay very different. Oh there was one one post on read it. I really liked. And i forget what the title was whatever but it was like about the case to love watching Fruits videos whatever and it was a meme the topic was like i used to love watching fruits videos and then the next title is and they're all excited and i still do seven years later like. Hey let's go. I've been i've been around since the beginning mr frew. See if you hit me with gastarbeiter. Eric my jay i was. I forgot i i was talking to me about it and it was like We're talking about dead by daylight. To and i was talking about. How awesome it is. I guess this will kind of segue into our first thing What what dead by daily to is. Are you giving us some nda stuff oh. Where's that guy. Walking show work fund but dying light superfund christian. I really liked it. That was like super christian. Was like or same as you guys played that and i was like we even have like some videos on dying light and He was how long ago was like four years ago. It was like six or seven years ago that we played dying light. It's was like the first time. Like i think you tried to put like different content other than destiny on your channel for the first time to probably around there. Let me look. 'cause it was like march fifteenth like twenty fifteen twenty six dying lakes. Yeah you're on. Were old and depressed. Ma'am my old thumbnails. Where even if it wasn't destiny. Just space background which is tax factored simpler times. I wish you think get away. Work commission will know. This is what i'm saying. I wish you algorithm would go back to this where the title of my video could literally just be what the thing was like back when i did like destiny one videos. It wasn't like it was. It would literally be like gun. Debt river new destiny to. That's all you need. It wasn't like the most absolutely posted. Dang you believe just hit destiny. And i hate it but it's the only female works now and on top of that. The thumbnail was woody. My thumbnails were just a random picture with the name the game and title the video pretty much and that's all he had to do what's Dine light tips and tricks how survive and it's a great game like and so i don't know if you saw the state of the play yesterday. Looks frigging sweet. And i played it like four years ago. Something like that three or four years ago. I mean they've been allowing through sick. I don't know what happened. Yeah i don't know why it. It's gotten delayed lead the song i haven't paid. I just know it. Like i'll be honest at one point i was. I was just kind of things. Never going to release it just kind of felt like one of those things. But it's what's the november twenty first or something like that resembles seventh the summer seven is a couple of weeks. Yeah this year. It's finally coming out and is not the first one was sick. what is the game. I'm excited to see what exactly done with the this new one. i feel. it's like one of the first games we played with doric. If i'm not mistaken was dead by daylight daylight dying light dying deb by daylight. That's for sure was it. Yeah i thought. I think that was the one we play with them. And then kinda funny

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