What Is OXT Coin?


Hey guys mubarak here. In penny stock and crypto theory. Hope you're doing well in this episode. I wanna talk to you guys about orkid or o x t and y. It's popping off what it does. Add kind of the reasoning behind. Why this should potentially be on your watchlist. Alright you're listening. You've probably seen that. It's popping off right now. In general you know what we do here. At crypto theory is trying to make a focus on understanding and getting a grasp as to which projects and which crypto currencies are actually successful. Or i because there's a lot of different kinds. There's a lot of one's coming up almost on a daily basis and it's important to know where and how you should utilize them whether it's something you want to just us for the fun because of the blockchain or more specifically i bet if you're listening to this it's more so because you're interested in trading them. They're seeing the amount of prophets that can be made. And you wanna kinda take advantage of that. So this is on the orchid website. Right will we want to talk about here is what even is orchid. Alright so essentially what it is you can see is that it's a vpn. Now that's a virtual private network. Essentially at its crypto power till the purpose of it is essentially you know virtual private networks have been used by people around the world for while in order to kind of mask their ip address so they can Engage in behavior that they don't want tracked are because nowadays with everything with cookies with the ability for people to kind of just pick up information and everything is tracked by google facebook social media every think or get allows you to kind of go through on a decentralised. Vpn because at the end of the day even the virtual private networks. You're still working with that company specifically wherever it has providing you that virtual private network so there are still some traceability and so oh t orchid basically use is What's referred to as your twenty staking token so that's off of the ethereal chain But it's still more contract concept

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