Cross-Cultural Casting: Noteworthy for Hollywood, but Not Exactly New


About unconventional casting choices in film and TV. Mindy Kaling playing Velma and Scooby Doo spinoff Black Jamaican actress Jodie Turner Smith playing the doomed wife of Henry, the eighth and the British miniseries and Berlin. My dear sister No holds a loose tongue in her head. So does this sort of diverse casting violate some unspoken rule about realism critic Bob Mondello takes a long view, he says. Cross cultural Casting has always raised eyebrows, even though it's as old as casting itself in the fifth century BC When the Greek playwright escalates, needed a defense attorney for his leading man in the tragedy, the Oresteia he picked the God Apollo choice You do not make if you're worried about verisimilitude in casting. Live theater has always assumed the audience can make imaginative leaps. Whether it's depicting warrior kings who rant my kingdom for a horse or founding fathers who rap. I am not throwing away my shot. Hamilton, of course, is a special case. Just like my country. I'm young, scrappy and hungry, and I'm Shot. It's a Broadway musical, famous not just for putting hip hop in the mouths of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington but for matching black and brown faces to those historic white characters. Every time I write a piece of theater, I'm trying to get us on the board Latino composer lyricist Lin Manuel Miranda, speaking with fresh air's Terry Gross, black and Brown artist. This is a story of America, then told by America Now it's our country to with inclusion as Hamilton's calling card, diverse audiences made it a worldwide phenomenon, an outcome that seems natural. In retrospect, but that flew in the face of decades of theater practice in 1986. When the stage union actors equity convened the first national symposium on nontraditional casting. It noted that more than 90% of actors hired in the U. S were white and presented scenes designed to help theatre makers consider other possibilities. In Tennessee Williams's

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