The Freezation of Pam McGee

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The freeze ation of pam mcgee. There are strange things done in the mid day sun by those who searched for spoil the desert sands have their hidden plans. That would set your blood to boil. The pharaohs tombs have seen strange dooms but the strangest they did ever see. Was that day on the edge of oasis hedge. I froze up old pam. Mcgee now pam mcgee was from kittery where the snowfall blasts and blows why. She left home from the north to roam around the desert. No one knows she was always hot but the endless thought of gold held her in spell though she'd often say in her brazen way she'd sooner swim a well. Well it all happened. Because i was her captain. We joined up after the war. We figured a duo could find their way through. All the desert may have in store with camel stout us to set out to search the sands for wealth and like a crown. The son weighed down and tried to sap our health one. Summer's day we tracked are way over the dawson. Pass talk of heat through son or sheet. It burned like boiling gas in an open. I rough sand would fly until we couldn't see it wasn't fun but the only one to gripe was pam mcgee and as it rose the sun imposed a dreadful pressing fire the canteens mon dry as a bone. We feared that we'd expire and though it felt we'd begun to melt. Our goal was still ahead. We'd reach the edge of oasis hedge or else we'd both be dead and that very noon like pebble-strewn. We struggled in the sand. The camels fed sun overhead. We staggered stripped and tanned. Pam turned to me and cap says she. I'm all cashed in. i guess. And when. I'm through i'm asking you please grant one last request. She seemed so low that i couldn't say no. Then she rasped out in a moan. It's the curse it heat. It's got me beat. I'm melting skin and bone.

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