U.S. Space Force Missile-Warning Satellite Rockets Into Orbit


Missile warning satellite for the space force rocketed toward orbit Tuesday. It was the fifth in a serious of space based infrared systems satellites. Mento replace the longtime defense support program Constellation of Surveillance satellites. United Launch Alliance set the Atlas Five rocket toward Cape Canaveral are from, I should say well from from big difference from Cape Canaveral. Space force stations. All right. Let's get to that launch 543 at listen to lift off lift off line that was five rocket with fifth space based in friend System satellite, the United States Space Force. 15 seconds into flight. He's gone too closely Controlled engine operating parameters. Continue. Look good. You're hearing the voice of Patrick Moore providing launch vehicle that data. Those will keep getting the pitch over. Program body. Rachel. Good. Good to your pressure on both of us are bees. Lockheed Martin one a $1.86 billion contract for the satellite and the next one that's due to launch next year. They're intended for an orbit 22,300 miles high.

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