How Do I Know If I Want Kids?

The Cut


When you think about the question about whether you want to become a parent what comes up that is the mighty anna sale host of the podcast death sex and money and author of the new book. Let's talk about hard things and this week. I'm both death sex and money and the cut. We've each made different versions of this story. Exploring the lucky lucky privileged decision about whether or not to have kits because there are environmental reasons not to have kids and financial and logistical reasons. Not to have kids. But i really want to talk with anna about ambition because anna i have released similar jobs podcast host but she has two kids and manages to make creative work at the same time. Well i am entirely on the fence. I truly have no idea if. I wanna have kids or not. Is there part of you as someone who likes self identifies really deeply as an artist. Is there part of you that worries that you will be a less interesting artist. If all of a sudden you're an artist and the mom instead of just being an artist god get your foot off my neck. And that's it you got it but the that That's totally the fear. I don't know if i have any to identify as an artist. But yeah like when. I think about my models for motherhood. I think of like yoko ono in vivienne westwood and i don't think they were like the best moms because they were bouncing a lot of other things and yeah. Yeah yeah i think it. I worry that it might mean sort of King solomon style splitting the baby and not being very good at either art or motherhood

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