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Vaulted ahead of him in the standings. Here's a swing and a high drive deep left field. Darren Rough, It's gone to run bomb from rough. Five, the Giants, his seventh home run of the year, He's docked in three of the five runs and that one wasn't quite Slater territory, but it was A big fly. Indeed, it was 439 ft. So the Giants hit two homers deny good for more than 900 ft between the two of them. By the way, I tried to do a little bookkeeping. Here, we're going to make Austin Slater's spectacular home run in the third inning. The Giants hit of the game sponsored by Pig in a pickle, home of the best barbecue in the Bay Area, visit them at Pig in the pickle dot com or in Corte Madera. Today and the player we give credit to that's going to be Anthony display. Funny, who carried a shutout into the seventh inning finally gave up a run on a two out single by Josh Reddick to make it 5 to 1, and it was still With a 51 lead with two down in the ninth inning when they got another hit to drive in a run and suddenly was 5 to 2. And that was the end of the night for DeSclafani as Tyler Rogers was brought in. And although it got a little more Tense than the Giants had hoped. The game ended on a on this play with Josh Reddick at the plate and two men on and he was the possible tying run Walker

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