Why Should We Care What Valerie Jarrett Thinks?


Up Valerie Jarrett. He's probably making a fortune you know, doing something spewing Hayden Marxism. They found her Valerie Jarrett on M s LSD. She's on there today. What a lineup. They have their over at M s LSD. Even a bigger freak show than CNN. Although I mean it's close. And they want to know if she favors mandating vaccines. Now why do we care? Valerie Jarrett supports mandating vaccines. She had her way She'd be mandating that everybody vote. Democrat. But she's all for it. So it's important that we hear from her cut 10 go. I'm all for mandating it, but I know here in this country. It's tough to mandate things, but I think what we can do is doctor saw said and say, Look, if you want the independence to make your own decision, fine. We're not going to let you come to major sporting events are schools losing money, even though cities are not requiring vaccines with students come back on campus, and so we're balancing Our rights of freedom with public health, and we don't need your help on balancing anything because you're out of bounds. You're out of balance your unfair and unbalanced. Valerie Jarrett. That's what we all turned to when we went into. How do we balance freedom with vaccines? Any other things you want to mandate, Valerie. What else do you want to mandate?

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