A highlight from Patriots training camp starts - biggest questions


All natural and affordably-priced cigar that has Havana inspired. Fantastic stuff, will give you more info on that a little bit later before we get into the football Greg. And of course, and it's here. First practice tomorrow, how was the vacay, you feel a nice relaxed energized, ready to go? You know, I was, I was right up until I had to woke up this morning and get Bill Belichick grunting at me at 8:30 in the morning. So, you know, it's made for a long day, they'll be plenty of those but yeah, it was great and I tell you off, Forgot about the Chris Sale thing until you mentioned it and we might as well give our listeners a little Chris Sale update for those that don't know. Baseball is actually my sport. I went to Rutgers I played baseball. I coach softball and baseball a lot now. And so I love the game and getting out there that was it was great on the way up to Maine where we're going to Maine to start. So, we stopped off in the Portland, Sea Dogs, the people there were terrific with us and the family. Got to enjoy the game, I got to work a little bit, saw sale. I thought he he was educational as first start. I mean, he was, he was Untouchable. Everything was working for him. His second start, you know, Nick, I will say and he just afterwards, he just thought that he was missing over the middle of the plate, which I guess could be expected in his second, start. So coming back from Tommy John so we're not, everything's going to be not, not everything's going to be an upward trajectory. And that happens. And so, you know, I will say, as a Red Sox fan and my core I was a little cautioned by the second start because there a couple of times in that and if people aren't familiar. So we cruised through the first two innings 13, pitches nine strikes, each time third inning, he gives up a double wall, ball a homerun wall bulb. Double income was over the over the left-center field scoreboard their Hadlock field and they hit him around hard every other than a bunt single. They were all hit hard off and the thing that concerned me a little bit and I want to see how he bounces back in Worcester on Saturday. I will not be there for that, but I'm sure I'll find some way to watch it off when he was trying, trying for that GM and the third and they had first and third, did we just lose me? No, I hear you. Okay, there's something happened with my camera so sorry for dealing with that. But anyways, so long while I listened when he was trying to get out of that jam, a couple of times. You could tell he really tried to gasp it up in his first start. He touched 98 a couple of times. He was ninety-six ninety-seven. Consistently with this time was running like ninety-three ninety-four ninety-five and when he was trying to get out of that jam, he really could only get up to ninety-four and he was having a tough time. But so I was I was a little cautious about that, but other than that, he was in good spirits, he looks, he looks like he's going to help the club, and it looks like it's going to be perfect timing. Interesting next, couple of days for the Red Sox, obviously Friday off the trading deadline, they've been linked with Max Scherzer, they've been linked with Anthony Rizzo. So, some big names out there. We'll see what high in bloom does. And, you know, Hey, listen, I think he's playing with house money. I don't know off. How many people expected before the season? You know began. I said, 85 wins. And I had people tweeting at me that I was crazy to say 85 wins. And so, you know, I think this team is better than anybody expected. There are a lot of fun to watch. I mean, there's the antithesis of last year, you know, I was working at a last year, doing some late nights, of course. The only year I did late nights at I get stuck with terrible Red Sox team and as soon as I leave whammo, there are a lot of fun to watch their winning baseball games. So hopefully that continues. All right, let's get into the football training camp. As I said is here, first, practice is tomorrow. You sat back. You listened to Bill, Belichick drone at you today as you said, but he was asked about the quarterback position. Have a feeling he's going to be asked about the quarterback position every single day. He stands up there at the podium, did he signal a competition today? Greg at that quarterback position a little bit off. You know, I think a lot of people might have gone a little bit overboard with it, but you got to look at a couple of fax number one. Bill, Belichick didn't mention one player by name during his press, I think it was that's by Design. I think it's, you know, it's all centered about the team. It's all about the team and I also went back and I looked at his comments from last year and look you know cam was new to the organization but Bill had very similar comments back then. But I do think you know, he brought up a clean slate, a bunch of times. I mean to me. I don't know how you view but the only guy who needs a clean slate really on this team, you know, that's going to be a major factor. Could be a major factor of Cam Newton cuz that kind of half the season was was bad. And so long. Now they bring in all this Talent second year in the system, knock on wood, no, no covid-19. Stuff and so To me, I think he was signaling like, cams got a clean slate and so, you know, we're yes, we're starting back at zero with everybody but you guys might think that he stunk up the joint last year but me, Bill Belichick, I I don't even know about last season, I don't know what you're talking about because he's got a clean slate and we're going to go and I think to me Nick I think I haven't changed on where we've been this offseason.

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