2021 NBA Draft Preview With Mike Schmitz

Behind the Bets


Really wanted to get answer is nice enough to fit us in mike schmitz who does nba draft analysis for us. Here at espn mike. Thanks for taking the time man. I know you're super busy. Yeah no problem. I actually in on my way to new york here for the draft so We're we're getting closer all right. Yeah no kidding. Perfect timing so we got you in route just in the next couple of days. I mean obviously every year is different. But how how much you think things will change in the first round between now and the actual draft. Yeah i think that teams for the most part you know. I've kind of their big boards set to some degree. But you know the biggest thing. I think that can change things as traits honestly And you know that's where from a betting perspective you know you're you're locked in on you know your your lock the draft or whatever it is your can't miss batman some team moves into the top ten and you know That kind of throws everything a for loop. So that's that's the only thing. I think That can really change things but you know other than that. I have a pretty good sense that you know the way we see things in the top ten or so Feels solid but again. It's it's always fluid. We've got more than forty eight hours to go here. Great so let's talk about just the first pick because you know the the betting odds are we saw a trevor lawrence at the jets. Pretty pretty extreme. But you know the pistons is whether it be doing their due diligence or whatnot. They've tried out a bunch of guys. How solid we with cunningham because there are reports of trade at least interest from other teams now not necessarily detroit but teams wanting to go up. Yeah i think pretty solid you know. I i think vegas has this one right You know i think cunningham will ultimately be the guy and you know even if it is like you know. Say detroit in this. I better say detroit. Is you know more interested in having moberly or jalen green and they wanna swap with houston houston to cunningham at number one i think ultimately cunningham is gonna go number one regardless. I feel like ninety nine percent. Pretty confident about that I think the league feels the same way but you know detroit doing their due diligence. I don't think it's more than that. We saw that basically a few

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