Sean Hannity Makes Vaccine Stance Very Clear


Month is over however many people they exposed to cova tucker. They've let's hope. Expose the american people to the preening peacocking hypocrites that they are because how hypocritical can you be. Let's quickly count the ways. A you know. They flew on a plane. Massless you and i- peons everyone out there watching. We have to wear masks deal when we fly on a plane. That's number one two. They fled their stay. You know they would criticize. They have criticized republicans if they ever employed that same tactic number three they are creeping closer and closer to vaccine passports to show us your papers to prove to me you're vaccinated but they tell us trust us we're all vaccinated and finally as you point out and kevin so reported so well it's a super spreader event well that was a trump rally or athletic event or spring break over the past year everything's a super spreader event except actual super spreader events. He's right but if you're not watching fox news you don't know how these white house speaker pelosi. Staffers got kovin. You think these white these texas democrats are heroes. Jen psaki was asked yesterday. Is that as what do you think about this event. And she said about the texas democrats she said thanks for standing up for voter rights according to the white house to spread coverted. If you're you're protesting voter integrity laws. I guess it's like the black lives matter rallies. It's a right to spread co bid if you're marching around with people shoulder to shoulder in on behalf of racial justice you give people that's okay you just can't do it in the rose garden or a basketball game or football unbelievable. These people are out of their minds. But we're not you in my you and me we're going to fight the good fight together here in the relieffactor dot com studios. Welcome into a wednesday july twenty first episode of the mike gallagher. Show care to comment on what you just heard from. Abc has you noticed. The mainstream media isn't touching the role. These ignorant more. Texas democrats have played in spreading coverted journal white house. Wow let's hope you join me led to get your voice on this one open line. Eight hundred six five five mike. Eight hundred six five five

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