A highlight from A Prayer for Our Nation on this National Day of Prayer


Network that makes the show. You're listening to right now. I wanted to drop in for just a second to let you know about a new show. We've launched at life audio christian parents crazy world with catherine seekers. We all want the absolute best for our children. We raise them in the local church. Teach them to follow and love the lord and pray for them daily. How is it then that so. Many kids are leaving the christian bait. Is there anything we can do to help. Our kids have a lasting faith in kreis. Those questions are at the heart of christian parents crazy world each week. Catherine tackle a tough question. All parents have as they work to raise children. Who love the lord. If this sounds like a podcast you need in your parenting journey. You can find christian parent crazy world by heading over right now to life audio dot com a prayer for our nation by debbie mcdaniel Shouted aloud. do not hold back. Raise your voice like a trumpet. Isaiah fifty eight one. Sometimes it's hard to know where to begin how to pray. We just know we have a deep ache in our hearts that cries out for god's mercy and a longing to see him heal our land and maybe other times we wonder how effective our prayers even are yet. God is faithful no matter how we feel and overall swirls around us in our nation today. Here's our prayers. He knows our needs. There's great power in uniting together turning our hearts towards god and praying on behalf of nation remembering today this powerful truth upon which this nation was founded. We are one nation under god. He is where our real hopes found not in our leaders not in our economy not in the condition of our nation today or any other day. Let us pray dear. God thank you for your great power. We praise you for your truth. We're grateful that you have set us free from clutching graphs of sin and death. Would you be with your people extending your grace. Granting your freedom providing your protection and empowering with your strength. We asked that you'd bring about an awakening of your presence as never seen before we asked let your name be proclaimed that all plans to silence the name of jesus would be sorted and crushed. We pray that many would come to know you as lord and savior. We pray that many would see your light that you would open blind eyes and released those imprisoned. We pray that you would unify your people for the glory of your name. That all who call themselves christians would rise up believing your great truth wake up. Lord remind us to live aware to redeem the time to listen to your words to be willing to make a difference in this land. We pray for all those authority that you would give them your wisdom and discernment. They lead we ask that. You would appoint strong faithful men and women to serve this nation and our people we pray for your great healing on our land. Shine your face on us dear. God we need you now more than ever before. Our times are in your hands. Thank you that you are rich in mercy and full of grace thank you. That you're forgiving and merciful. Thank you that you strong and mighty thank you that you are for us and that you fight for us still today. Bring honor to your name.

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