Lindsey Baum Murder: Cold Case Arrest for 2003 Rape Potentially Connected


Case might be linked to the murder of Lindsay Bomb who disappeared from a clearly nearly 12 years ago. Several radios. Hannah's got has details. 10 year old Lindsay bomb disappeared as she was walking home from a friend's house back in 2000 and nine in 2000 and 18 Grays Harbor County Sheriff Rick Scott delivered the grim news. We've brought Lindsay home. We've recovered her now. Earlier this month, Grays Harbor sheriff's say they arrested a man in connection with a 2003 cold case. Rape with the help of genetic genealogy. Paul Beaker lived in McCleery in 2003 when a 17 year old was raped in that cold gaze. And now, investigators say, There's enough similarities between Lindsay's case and the 2003 case, but they're looking into a possible connection. The suspect was in McLeary the day Lindsay bomb disappeared. Our

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