A highlight from Rep. Swalwell: Trump 'weaponized' DOJ against enemies


From militia members seen with roger stone. One day before the insurrection. All in starts right now. Good evening from new york. I'm chris as all right what do you do with the person who abuses their position with elemental question the history of human government and human affairs a question. Our country has been confronting persistence in persistently since long before donald trump but even more insistently during his presidency and its aftermath today as we digest new revelations about the scope of the abuse of power that occurred under the former president. We are also seeing an answer to that very question and it comes from republicans not the ones in the nation's capital not the ones associated with the exiled chieftain of mar-a-lago rather it comes republican party in the state of oregon state lawmakers. There confronted the same question that we are now confronting society the same one that democrats and republicans alike confronted at the nation's capital on january. Sixth how to deal with the person who has agreed abused their power. A person who has transgressed in this case. It was one of their own republican state representative. Mike airman was caught on surveillance video opening the door of the capitol to let a mob last december that bob which was allegedly upset about corona virus restrictions and the state managed to overcome officers invade the building. Some of them carried guns and bear spray and called for the arrest of governor kate brown and then another view merged from just a few days before the mob reach the capital showing. Mike mirman explaining how he would let protesters into the building. Offer shahal house which. I don't know anything about an accused. Me of knowing some of the

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