Does Biden Have an Incentive to Hide Chinese Defector Dong Jingwei From GOP Members?


Of the biggest stories of our time. Now why am I reporting on it? If I can't prove conclusively that it's true Because the reputations by others saying No, no, no, no, This isn't true. He's over in China. This is all you know Conservative fairy tales. Then why again hasn't the Chinese government conclusively refuted the story by just showing us a picture of damaging way and putting them out in front of a television camera? But that's not the disturbing part of this story. The disturbing part of this story is if we do have damaging way. One of these Chinese spy chiefs, and he has given up the mother lode. Then why would we be lying about it? And why would we be hiding him from GOP members of Congress, Intel Committee people, other members of the Intelligence Committee? Why would we be doing that? Those answers are fascinating. Well, we'll have to go to the daily yeast. For answers, And I don't mean answers to questions. If you're answering questions with the daily yeast, you're in trouble otherwise known as the Daily Beast sometimes, but the daily yeast does have an interesting article up by a man by the name of Jeff Stein. Who he says his sources are knocking this story down that no, no, we don't have Don Jingwei. There's just read the headline Daily East Fed shoot down rumor that Chinese missing spymaster defected to the U. S. But the reasons they're shooting down this room with these anonymous federal officials are fascinating. Let me get through first quote from this piece from the East first, it says, But on Wednesday a U s official reached out, I guess to the reporter here. To say that reports of Jingwei's defection were not true. He says, speaking strictly in terms of anonymity. The official declined to elaborate further, including on Dongs present whereabouts, only hinting that the counter spy remains in China. Okay, folks, both stories can't be true, either Dongjiang Way defected and is giving us the mother lode of intelligence on China or damaging way still in China, laughing at our stupid

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