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If you end up with no big name quarterbacks in the playoffs what are you know ratings. Go down yeah ended up with big names that everybody knows ratings. Go up because ratings at the finals level is always about some level of casual fan. So is the casual fan. Gonna flock to the opportunity to see booker innate. And the finals. I'm genuinely asking because right now. The saving grace for the nba was the concept. Hey you know what. At least we can get kawai and paul george and the clippers we still have a shot at la of some sort versus brooklyn. That's certainly what so many people around the tv side were hoping for. And that's not the reality that they're going to get by the way another all star injury update utah jazz point guard. Mike conley junior will remain sidelined for wednesday's game. Five against the clippers so both teams will be hamstrung. Mild right hamstring strain. You're welcome america. Bowl teams will remain a little hamstrung going into this. It's the max kellerman. Show jason fitz sitting in for max. I'm asking you guys you more into your lesson to andrea massachusetts. Thanks for calling the show. What's your thought. On the war of attrition. yes. This is what i think. A lot of people are going through right now in america in terms of all the obstacles and hurdles that you have to get over it and my point is i don't think it's gonna take away from people's interest if anything i think people are gonna be more interested to see again who is going to be the strongest to survive it. Does you know you don't wanna championship decided. Based on that can be the case in conclusion. I think that pardon. And or kyri will be back for brooklyn chris cola de that definitely. Be back for mike. Conley will be back. You're going to see these teams at full strength. Go at it. And we're gonna have a true champion and has nothing to do with this marathon. Taking people out it's going to be who's strong enough to finish the marathon and twenty six point two mile and get a and get there at the end now. I love the call. And look i appreciate the concept but not everybody agrees. I've already got we watch on. Twitter said injuries. Don't make it more interesting to me. It feels like it robs us of what we should be see. you know. and that's the interesting. I found myself mesmerized last night mesmerized because of everything. We talked about yesterday between k. D. in what was on the line for the nets and everything we were expecting from milwaukee and young's if that matchup doesn't have those players is it is intriguing. I mean even hardened coming in on one leg essentially like it's part of what makes it interesting to everybody. That's sitting back and saying oh my god i have to see this. I mean at some point. Starpower power matters. That's straight talk straight. Talk wireless no contract no compromise. The question is can new stars emerge. I think that's gonna be key in the process of figuring out how this all works. Can new stars emerged at this point. I mean because what we're going to get out of the west if there's no kawai i mean if there's no hawaii i struggle to see how the clippers are going to win another game. I mean i would love to give paul george huge benefit of the doubt. But i simply won't and before you and tell me. Well look at the clippers. They had a winning record this year. Without kawhi yeah. They did went eleven nine without kawhi. Let's not make that some amazing thing and by the way their points per game swung about ten points in the wrong direction with no with no coli on the court. Think about that. I mean you're asking a lot of paul george to come in and suddenly be the guy. I don't see how that's going to happen here. It puts all the pressure on him but realistically it also opens all of our is at some point whether we want to or not. We're going to have to pay attention to phoenix in utah. Right like they're going to have to be part of the conversation we if we can't find some sort of moment there for a young again phoenix a young sons team. But we're not talking about booker. We're not talking about the andrea eight and talk about. Cpi three because we liked the stars. We know the question is. How do we grow through that. How do we grow past that. And what happens next. So we mitch and new jersey mitch. What's your thought on the clippers in this match now that they're decimated. Well the guys have to step off. Now ma'am mealy called the fan. And i think the team deep demarcus cousins not play. Terrorists man's has set a few games. I'm not are on the fan but because that was a good move because those two point guards so up and down some open paul george can Have a good another good game. That boy george. And i've seen some somehow gets through it. I mean chris is the ring i mean. Book is next colby. Maybe of book will carry the his team all the way because I don't like with the nets in fox walks. Don't always injuries. I didn't So hard and was in the box score but durant had a great game. I missed thanks for the call man and look i. I love the concept that you know. What the clippers. Other players just need to step up. It's just not that simple. It surely isn't what we do so often when we look at nba ups is we devalue. Who's on the other side like the concept that other people have to step up also presumes that if you're utah don't have another gear about to go into because you know you got your shot. I mean asking. Paul george to step up is reasonable. But who's going to replace on the defensive side of the ball. I'd nobody. I just keep thinking about what collided deluca like. It is stuck in my head that we saw luka so much and then can i said. Nah you're done. You don't get any more in the concept of everybody just has to step up well at some point. Some guys are just better than other guys. Some guys are better number twos than they are number ones that we have to look at both sides of the conversation here and i think to presume that the clippers can step up and just get through. This comes back to what we've been talking about. We know the clippers is a brand we know why is a brand we know. Paul george is a brand so we feel like all right. The clippers must be

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