The Importance of Ownership With Mark Mullen, Co-Founder @ Bonfire Ventures


Malta i've had so many great things. We were introduced six years ago. If you can believe it by the one o'clock boundary hood so many great things from greg. It upfront friday. Usb howard lindsay. Thank you so much joining me. Stay mark great to be here buddy. I wanna start. Though i love he contacts to tell me. How did you make your way in the world of venture and how did you come to co found bonfire over the last few years and he was four years ago will say well really i. When i came out of college. I was already getting into finance. I worked for a bank. And then i became an investment banker. More like a merchant banker because we also made investments for a very famous entrepreneurs name was bill daniels and is currently still known as the father cable. Tv in the us and got a chance to work for hammond of working for the farmer for twenty years he was one of those stories. You don't hear about anymore. Didn't finish highschool lied to get into the navy golden gloves boxing. Champion for two years flew two hundred and fifty missions as a fighter pilot came back to the. Us started selling insurance. Wanted to see a boxing match closer tv and started cable television in one thousand nine hundred eighty three. This is the kind of person. I got to work under. And all the people that worked for him so we had an investment bank about seventy five people that did a in the cable world in. Isp's in towers in broadband wireless etc across the world as well as we owned a bunch of different companies. I ran international. So i got a chance to live in paris and london and so for many years. That's what i did. And we also invested in companies ourselves as well as other funds and so when we sold the firm we sold all the assets have pundits death in two thousand two thousand one then. We had still the investment bank. We sold the investment bank in january. Two thousand seven to rbc capital markets fantastic transactions before the crash happened. I was a senior partner then. And i had to stay three more years. But that's really the taste of investing and got the taste of investing from

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