It's Time to Show Our Strength as Conservatives


With me. But many of the things that I say behind this microphone, take hold in parts of this society or take hold in parts of the conservative movement. Whether it was March 2017 and I explained that They've been spying on President Trump and his campaign. You all remember all the crap we took for that? Whether it's pushing the idea of sanctuary, Second Amendment cities and states Whether it's explaining that the federal Constitution authorizes state legislatures to make changes to laws, not judges, not attorneys, general, not governors. Not bureaucrats. I can remember when we fought the so called comprehensive immigration reform that George Bush was pushed When so many others in this business said they're not activists. I said, like Hell, I am Member that Mr Producer That's a long time ago. Or the tea party movement. So many things that we've been together so many things that we have witnessed together. And yet, here we are today. Looking into the abyss. But I have no intention to jumping into you and I have no intention of being pushed into you. No. So it's time for push back. It's time to show our strength.

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