Twitter vs. Climate Change Misinformation

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Listeners. Mike schneider here. And i'm brett molina and welcome back to talking tech mike. I know you know the climate change is a major issue and has been for many years and in this day and age. of course there's misinformation out there about climate change so twitter is going to attempt to do something about that right. That's true bread. Our colleague just gwynn wrote about this and her story on tech usa. Today dot com. And if you prefer to go mobile you can get into the usa today app. You don't see it on tech just search for twitter in the search function anyway in an attempt to spread credible information about climate change. Twitter's created a new topic. Climate change and those twitter users who follow the topic will get post from global environmental and sustainability organizations environmental activists researchers and institutions that that cover that topic. And you'll get those in your feet if you don't follow the individual accounts so i searched for climate change and the topic came up at the top of the results. And all you gotta do is click to follow it now. Twitter told jessica that the company is tutor told jessica that the company's goal is to boost authoritative information to quote keep pace with the urgency of the climate crisis. This development comes right after a report from advanced democracy a research organization. That studies disinformation and extremism. They found that social media platforms including twitter have hundreds of thousands of posts denying climate. Change the research group found that warning labels our links to credible information are frequently missing from social media posts that deny the existence of climate change disputes causes or underplay

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