A highlight from Jason Beem Horse Racing Podcast 6/23/21--Guest Jay Lietzau


Have to be with you here on this wednesday june. The twenty third. It's mysticlake derby up at canterbury park and we're going to head up to minnesota talk with jay. Let's he's the handicapper for the minneapolis. Star tribune first season in doing that. So we'll talk a little bit about The new gig and a little bit about the races. We'll dive into them just to touch at the end but mostly want to just talk to jag to know him and put a voice and a personality with the name and all you know like do here on this program. So we'll we'll do that here in just a few minutes tomorrow horse player thursday leoville mortgage gonna join me for a conversation and friday. I'm just going to be alone on the road. Doing a friday preview show. we'll talk mostly churchill. The biggest even foster closing day card coming up on saturday which is actually being drawn. I believe today. I think i hope today. I didn't see it yesterday. But we'll talk about that and probably the ohio derby well nice feel. We talked to smidge about the ohio derby yesterday but they didn't really give chance to look at it in past performance form. So we will do that. And that'll be our weekend preview and that'll be our our week of shows. We'll abi raad casting from tampa next week. Louisville the week after that richmond the week after that. So the jason beam. Summer tour starts today in fact if you're listening to this anytime after six. Am pacific time on wednesday. I'm on the road so looking forward to it. i'm excited. I kinda like to put my look for new cds or cds new albums to listen to on apple music. If you guys got if any recommendations by the way if you if you miss the other day new email for the show being podcast at gmail.com be. Em podcast Already got a bunch emails from you guys. So glad that you've found the new spot learn men and like i said i'll probably check every day or every other day when i'm on the road at a property less so don't take offence to that i just I gotta i gotta be purposeful with my time as making my way three thousand and forty miles by the door to door. I always every time. I have one of these long cross country drives. I think of my mother who knows nothing about horse racing and she always says why. Can't you just get the job at emerald or del mar. There's so much closer said. Let me get right on then. It was like i applied twice. Give me mad at me for that. Del mar is not open. So you're looking forward to it and you know just kind of excited about the. There's that nervousness in new energy like go into colonial. I'm excited for not that. There's no uncertainty right. I know the track into the booth. I know the people. I know the logistics and all that stuff tampa. I know nothing. I know marco who. I've talked to a few times and i know mr bouroubi who i've met with once during the interview and i know that's about it so it's gonna be new. I will certainly talk about it. All here on the show And nervous energy but the good kind right. The i was telling a friend the other day. The one of the i. I read in the course of my ages. Twenty to thirty eight. I read every possible book on how to deal with anxiety. How to deal with you know. Cook or phobia fear of this fear of that. I mean when i say every book i mean every book i mean i had to have read niver you know not every time i'm being a little hyperbolic but i mean a lot of them and i've had some people ask me because i'm open about mental health struggles that i've had over the years i talked about on the show talking about it on other shows and i i have a lot of people ask. Who did you have a breakthrough. You know any of that kind of stuff just kind of how did you fix it. Because i used to always think that there's a cure for this somewhere and it's going to be a light switch. That goes off. And i'm going to be done with it and as it turns out that's not the case. Unfortunately but what helped me. The most was realizing accepting that it wasn't going to go away but also that i could still go out and live my life and do things and like just that shifted perspective made its from. I can't do this because my anxiety to i can do this. I might be a little anxious. An- oddly enough. As i did more and more of this whatever this is the got less and there was this great book pem. Children is the The writer of it and it was called. Lean into the sharp points. I think it was that was. That was the main text and i try to use that a lot. Now in my life in all areas you know if if i have a an interpersonal relationship or friendship or or job or something. I'm scared of like. I want to lean into the the tough stuff. Because that's where that's where the change comes from but it's also a lot of time with stuff comes from the rewarding stuff and so You know i. I look at these new opportunities. I mean they're great right. It's it's like it's the things we want but the things we want or not always just easy slam dunks right like you have to do some hard stuff sometimes to get to those things again. I try i try to have these talks of these sorts be applicable to any situation. I mean if you if you wanna ask prospective partner out on a date like that's not easy but if you don't lead into it and do it you're never gonna know good or bad and there's a relief in knowing whether you know even if it's like hey no i'm not interested in going out on a date with you. That's still better than what if or never did write. The regret of never did anything is is way worse than the no were. Failure got lots of knows in my life whether it's work personal or anything. We all have part of the gig. I mean if you're a salesman lord knows you've got some knows but it only takes A very few mount yeses to make things Very very good. So i don't know i. It was funny. I was thinking about like well.

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