Receivers to Target in the Late Rounds of your Dynasty Rookie Draft - burst 05


Was drafted another god. I'm fairly high on From clemson at cal. I'll let you discuss him. I think about what rogers. I'm not nearly as high on rogers as they consis I think a lot of people saw him when he went to green bay. I think everybody's been so ready for the green bay packers to have another wide receiver inserted in the draft. You know and we're just intimidating in anticipating but you know. I really don't think amari rogers profiles is the number two wide receiver in the fact. That rogers is a situation is so up in the air to say the the to say the least you know. I am not projecting broader. You're gonna be there long term and if that's the case you know is jordan love gonna be all support a wide receiver you know. Are we even sure that amari rogers is better than allen. Lazard now is dead fund as the guy that they went out and got in free agency it to be the number to receiver going into last year before he opted out. You know he's back on the roster as well and he's only twenty seven years old. I think people are really forgetting about devin. Funchess to be honest with you You know this is a guy that has already been a top twenty wide receiver in his career. So i think there's a lot more competition in green bay than a lot of people are are are getting Giving them credit for and The roger situation really makes me uneasy. Amaury writers has some talent. I i just don't think he's anything special. I just think that he's at best a middle level starter of the nfl. And i don't see much of a window of him being much higher especially as long as davante adams is on that team. 'cause i just don't see that the target share i mean it's a. It's a team that clearly wants to run the ball as much as possible. So i'm not nearly as how marta riders. I i know a lot of people are people are taking them in mid second rounds now and i think that that's a mistake. I think he was the best of water. She would come out clemson for the tape stuff that i watch. Those are good points. There's a reason as to why. I say fairly high. It's because i have a lot of the same reservation that you do. But and i do. I'm generally concerned about aaron rodgers in the future in green bay with the quarterback situation. But i have to look back at amari rogers talent and what he did in his last year and clemson and what he did was ball out in my opinion. Seventy seven receptions. Thousand twenty yards seven touchdowns. Yes he had. Trevor lawrence thong him. The ball but still in a shortened season are very impressive. Numbers and amari. Rogers is a guy that has pretty much been undervalued this entire process and now all of a sudden he's going green bay people hiding him and i'm not high on him because he's going to green by on more high in him because of the talent and the potential that i see and i do think that he has the potential to be the number two receiver in green bay S a good gig. Because even if aaron rodgers is not there in a long term disturbance excellence head coach matt floor and they still have a quarterback enjoy jordan love and we really don't we haven't seen much from during love so we can't make a lot of assumptions. But he was still you still first round pick in an quarterback the has a lot of potential people were comparing him to patrick mahomes and he. He was more of a quarterback they just needed to be developed. So i think that. I think that there's a good chance that jordan love could turn into a successful quarterback if the packers ended up do and not Having rogers under center. So i think the during the love isn't a terrible option there and lathered and function function all could be a lot number two receiver in that office. But i think long term that amari. Rogers is the better prospect for may so that is why i tend to be a little bit higher on the mar bader's

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