Gaylon White Author of The Best Little Baseball Town in the World


Our guest is gaylon white author of the best little baseball town in the world and historical account of a minor league baseball team. The crowley millers in the nineteen fifties gaylon was a sports writer for the denver post arizona republic and oklahoma journal before working in the corporate world. He is the author of various books highlighting careers in baseball minor leagues including the bilko athletic club. The story of the nineteen fifty-six los angeles angels singles and smiles. How artie wilson broke. Baseball's color barrier. He also co-authored handsome ransom jackson accidental big leaguer of local interest to us the crowley millers were the talk of minor league baseball in the nineteen fifties with crowds totaling nearly ten times crawley's population and earning crowley the nickname of the best little baseball town in the world and gaylon white. I've done some research on you. I'm really excited about not only talking about your book but learning more about your love for the sport of baseball. And what led you to write these books and in particular the best little baseball town in the world. So thank you for joining us here rumor. Yeah we're taping along with my daughter. Kelly he's gonna be helping us. She's in for the summer. And i had the opportunity to read your book and it's well written and through it. All it's peppered with statistics about minor league major league the evangeline league which was really interesting to me. Because i didn't realize our background here. How important minor league baseball was in this part of the world. One of the reasons for writing the book was to keep alive. The legacy of the crowley millers the ballpark that they played in that still here. In fact it's looking better than ever and The storied past of the evangeline which was established in one thousand nine hundred eighty four and lasted until nineteen fifty seven. There was a little time out for world war two right but just a colorful league. In fact it was known as the best literally in baseball and of course that was before there was literally it was classed d and it produced a number of major leaguers a hall of famer named how new hauser who won over two hundred games in the majors and virgil firetrucks coach nicknames. In those days he was a teammate. Of how new housing virgil trucks. One hundred and seventy seven games in the majors and then you go on edlow pat. Who was a yankee great yankee pitcher in the fifties. He came out of the evangeline. So produced a number of major league players prior to the war after the war it didn't produce as many. It was then a class sealy but in the last two years the teams became affiliated with major league teams and so several major league players came out of the league. And i write about one of the book george

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