Receivers to Target in the Late Rounds of your Dynasty Rookie Draft - burst 07


Fitzpatrick. Let's see if we agree on this next player. I'm a. I'm a little higher on this guy too. So it's a mad rod- saint brown from the lions usc. Yeah he's a player. I like them a committee. He's very similar in a situation fitzpatrick you know he's gonna come in And i mean there's really not much competition for them. You know pyramid tirol williams. Yeah and i liked terra. Williams pyramids pray. He's okay you know. Those guys might actually be more talented than a Brown but they're also. Canada beat up players through their careers. And i don't really expect neither one of them to hold up you know. And it wouldn't be shocked if They're also very different. Style player that ahmad brad. I think my bracket can be a good underneath slide guy and whereas i i don't typically like sly guys you know where we were talking about driving with the second round when you're talking about getting guy the third round of a rookie draft you know that's cool because these guys are good. Probably get on the field and You know i like him. I just don't know what his long term value is. Because i would assume that the detroit lions are going to upgrade their their wide receiver positions at some point. One of the things that saint has gone for him as he has. More of a complete body work in college. Played six games. Forty one receptions for four hundred seventy eight yards seven touchdowns pretty good for six games. Last season seventy seven receptions thousand forty two yards six touchdowns season before that as a freshman sixty receptions seven hundred fifty yards and three touchdowns. So i was pretty impressed with his stats. So for that reason. I like him. But as cow saying am i gonna adjust him over bateman more those allies more either. The moore's no. I'm not gonna drop them over that but if he falls i will take a look at him because i think the saints brown is stepping into a situation that scrape for him and this is what i. This is what. I come back to saint bad and i. I know that these two receivers aren't necessarily the most similar by keep coming back to kenny. Golladay when he first went till lines. We'll see third fourth round pick. Also he came down where there was a genuine Where there was opportunity for him to be the number one receiver in the And he took advantage of that. That opportunity and same opportunity has been presented to saint brown. I don't think this same brown is as talented as golladay. But i think that that is close to the ceiling. Distinct brown house. That would which is why. I'm high him and in that aspect but low but there's also an equally as likely chance that saint brown is just never going to be able to send to wide receiver one

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