Exploring the Worlds Beneath Our Feet With Robert Macfarlane


Really want to focus on under land. Which is your your newest book And also i think a book that people are discovering in this country in in a big way which has been exciting to see That use that as kind of a focal point to also more expansively explore. How you're thinking accumulated way of seeing the world and experiencing it rolls around inside you. And i feel like that also does find expression in in the writing of land so And it's always. It's so interesting to see how. I think you said it this way some in another interview that your body of work. The gradient of your body of work has been tending down because she began writing about mountain mountains of the mind. And then there were the values in moore's in wild places and then there's traversing the world on foot in the old ways and now you have gone down to the world's beneath our feet and you said we know so little of the world's beneath our feet i think just naming that not something that we even think about how little we know of the world's beneath our feet they. They are dark places in in several senses. That a sometimes say to my children. We walk on this thin above this raging space of life and matter in an oil its vibrancy and and fury and we knew nothing of it. site stops at our toes. It's tops at ground. Level in sight is so bind up with with with with modern ways of of of knowing we. Can i say alien unless we can look up and see literally trillions of miles. We can see light coming from starr's across the universe across the galaxy but we looked at and we we can't see beyond the grass or the tomczak

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