A highlight from Houston, We Have A Problem...and a Question or Two

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All is the one and only fred watson astronomer at large hello for aid hello andrew. Thank you for that. Some would that but that's alright nearest and dearest of money for just take it on the chin. That's the way. I spent four years of marriage taken the gene. Speaking of taking it on the chain freight last week we were talking about my pending covid nineteen ice and you said you had absolutely no symptoms whatsoever other than maybe a bit of a sore arm. Well i went and had mine on monday and the astrazeneca vaccine wasn't a difficult process. I went in. I identified me. They used a mugshot for that. By the way they asked me if you questions and because of my history with vaccines because i have reacted to them. In the past i spend extra time in the special room afterwards. Oh god the did the date. And i spent the rest of the day quite happily but i was not after free. Unlock your good self. I had Cult shivers that. Not a hot and cold flushes. I had body aches and pains. I had a headache and the next day was just as in yesterday just Full on lethargy. Just headache and letter g. all day. And then i felt a bit better towards the evening and speaking to a friend of mine in queensland who has also had his first injection he said. When did you have us at ten o'clock on monday morning. I said you're gonna have one more. We'd not and i said what's that mean. He said you'll find out and he was right about three thirty this morning. I woke up in a leather of sweat. High was so drenched. It was lockout bain standing under a shout. My hair was soaked. Everything talked drainage but then a work up you know got up and dealt with that. But when i woke up and got on with the diehard didn't feel bad. I feel pretty good at the moment. Just maybe a little bit of forgiveness but Other than that on. i'm through worst of it. So some people have sought effect. I sound like i had them all wonders. I didn't have any which is my my father. My father didn't have any of that but my mother had the siamese audie so obviously got heard in thanks. Mom look people are scared to get done for those sorts of raising spot. Not getting done opens you up to something much more scary. So the day of discomfort. Is sony small to pay today. We will be hearing questions questions from audience where one hundred percent dedicated to questions. The answer to that is yes and thanks for joining us. We'll see you next week. I love that joke before times. Yeah we're going to hear from ashley who's got a triple banger for us Christian wants to know about the rotation speed of the earth. We're gonna hear from marius about planet. J zero seven one. Four zero seven be. John wants to know about him bay. And we've got a jerry in san diego who's got a question for us and i think there's one more that i've missed mark from newbury about hydrogen in the sun and looking at the length that question this could be a very long show but anyway we'll get through all of the who's they will. We'll get through all of those today. So let's start fred with i. Which is an audio question from young ashleigh. My name is ashley and So i'm have you guys tried v The oculus Space on mike. It's a virtual reality thing like you're on the iss. So i did that day and

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