Podcast Prefix Analytics Explained

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I wrote an article all about podcast prefix analytic and their value. It's in the description for you to check out. But i never really got into who was four and how useful this data can be for johnny pot gasser. So he spoke to karo. Chuck lasts chargeable to get into the nitty gritty of how these analytics are not just for the big podcasters but for anyone with the desire to learn and take the lead. Thank you so much for the opportunity that with you about this. Thank you so much for the in. By congratulations on your success. It's amazing to see what you've done in such a little time. And and i can't wait to see what happens in the coming months with ya. That news on. I know the context of this is kind of like an extension of that article. You wrote about analytic prefixes. The article does a really good job of explaining what it is right. And i think. I've explained it more times than almost the entire city of pasadena's fingers and toes right so i think if you don't mind just kind of reiterating that might kinda get picture right. The analytic prefixed. The way i always explain. It's a piece of code goes on the rss feed reason why that's important. Rss feed is distributed essentially everywhere right more or less prefixes acting as a redirect so what's happening is regardless of device or player when a user clicks player download right however with that analytic prefix ping's that prefix that piece of code and redirects download information. Somewhere and my case chargeable right but still passes through the request of the end user receives the mp three fall asleep right the key things to know what is download at the end of the day right. So ip address user agent user agent means you know ios fourteen apple. Podcasts iphone. Twelve the main reason why i wanted to kind of hit on that definition is because you know we're touching on the key thing there which is it's a it's allowing us to see what's going on with regards to the download and then be of course what what makes up the download the ip address which is so important

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