A highlight from Happy Hour #409: Encounter (Chris Terry)


On youtube you remember more okay. Because she was very. I guess on the show. She's an olympic athlete. Jesus all around. Great and i reached out trusted. Hey i would love it if you could find me a college athlete. Who started following. Jesus in college and she said yes and she connected me with chris tarry who's our guest. Today we met even just a few days before we recorded this at my church. The austin stone. Well chris strength and conditioning coach for football and women's swimming at rice university. And the also played four years of college football at the university of texas. Longhorns go hook them horns so. Chris share today about growing up in a catholic home. What that looks like. And how he thought he had to earn. God's love finding his purpose and i love it because two women shared the gospel with him in a summer camp and he put his faith in jesus that summer he tells us the whole story. You guys before we get chris episode. I wanted to tell you again that i would love if you partner with us to build a church in northern uganda. Lemme reface at build a church building because you guys. The church is alive and well around the world. in fact koroma church was founded from a group of refugees. They were displaced from their home and they moved to karuma for safety at the start of the war in nineteen eighty seven. This church has been doing ministry and sharing the gospel in their community for thirty four years without a building so here the happy hour we're partnering with an organization and we're going to help build them a church building in fact. This building is going to directly impact. Three hundred local church members in northern uganda. So the community already has the land. They have the workers and now they need the funds. So here's our goal. We're hoping to raise fifteen thousand dollars by the end of the summer and we want you to help us together. We can help pastor. Jeffrey and his members have a building to do ministry throughout the week. Every dollar that you donate goes to this church jamie dot com slash build a church again jamie ivy dot com slash. Build a church.

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