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Two thousand nine hundred and finish up. I'm still at the media center. I'm hoping to linger around and kind of do what foreplay does and maybe getting. Jon rahm but boy it was a An amazing very memorable day. Storyline probably couldn't be more perfect apple. Jon rahm which we will of course get into I haven't seen frankly if you like in years. He's been through a lot. Trent was here and then took off and watch a lot on tv over the weekend. I've been kind of hanging around seeing when i can get but Boys awesome united states championship. Awesome drink called I want to make sure which we can get into as well. We should transfusion thursdays. Coming up thursday as always says but our field. How you doing. What's up. I feel good. It was it was a fantastic. us open. I want to give you a shout out rigs and probably lurch to. Who's not here yet. But i think he's going to join us in a second. All last podcast. You were especially hot on jon rahm. I feel like we get shit on for our picks. Because we're just i mean everybody gets shit on for their picks or whatever but you had on. You'd picked up a vibe while we were out there at the. Us open somebody. Somebody called our job at the us open being professionally around which i thought was very fitting But you hot. On john romo. We had turns out that. You're right. So i wanted to give you your props on that. Yeah look dramas was the obvious choice. I think i just saw brando on live from the head of the media centers talking about how he kinda did. What tiger used to do which is like tiger was the tigers. The obvious pick everyone talk about how there's a million reasons tiger woods should win and then tiger woods would win and that very rarely happens in golf because there's one hundred and fifty six players in the field but jon rahm was the obvious pick. He got his first. Pga tour win at torrey pines. Eagled on the seventy second hole. He got engaged. I believe at torrey pines. They show the side by side pictures of his his home town in spain and the cliffs and then torrey pines and the cliffs and talk about. How you know feels comfortable. Here he's been playing extremely well including holding a six shot lead before he got booted from the tournament memorial. Because it kovin so all. The signs are pointing to jon rahm And dropout came out and one that never happens in golfie like that doesn't happen enough in golf. It's hard like you said anybody can get hot. Somebody gets a good balance or to so many makes a few pots and they just win the tournament. No matter who was favored. But not john robin. He went out got done in amazing fashion Maybe one of the maybe the most like And i guess it makes sense. 'cause you know all the anger stuff that we talked about but maybe the most aggressive fist pump in the history of golf. He's a fantastic fist. Pumper and i'm sure hearing my voice on this podcast right now was kind of shocked to to the hundreds of thousands of years that are now listening to the four play. Golf podcast is still on the show. This is frankie borelli. No the flow was so good and torrey pines without frankie. They didn't stop to talk about osmosis. Jones and the fucking. Oh i'm gonna hit plus fifteen seconds. Every time he talks. Listen guys. I'm fucking tweets. You read you tweet fucking championship. Us open weekend listen. The flow is good because they were together you idiots. We've been talking to a fucking computer for a year and a half not mad about it. Say i want to congratulate you guys on a great. Us open coverage. I mean we all know when we get there. It's hard to get stuff. It's hard to get guys especially during the pandemic there in weird spots. You can't go over. The players barstool always perseveres kisner stuff. All time i mean the interview did today rigs with kevin kisner was was laugh out loud. Funny i mean his smile was psychotic. It looks like a person that was being held hostage and then also was about to commit murder Yeah kisses the man. Jon rahm is a bad bad mama. Jama he just fucking figures out how to get it done at the end of the day you know he. We all know the story about him getting at a couple of weeks ago in that whole ridiculous charade and the fact that he comes back the next time he's on a golf course in wins the. Us open hats off to that fucking guy. We've said a lot of things about john. Rahm but i think we are turning a corner where it's just like you know what he he's gonna fucking win and dominate and fist pump. And be like this really likeable awesome. Dude that has bombs and cuts onto onto fairways on the eighteenth flocking. Teebox like a fucking. I mean. that was a phenomenal. Finish on seventeen and eighteen the way that he stepped up there and ripped and did everything he could to win that thing. That's that's a guy that i'm gonna back for a long time. I'm a really big fan of jon. Rahm the way he plays And yeah it's just it's i've liked. Come around on this guy. Yeah i used to make fun of them like you wouldn't believe i used to root for him to implode and now i root for him to succeed. Well maybe haven't been paying attention. But he's a great interview as well all these questions. He gets asked about the memorial and testing positive for cove. and how should it have been handled. He takes the high road on every single one. But he's he's very insightful. And i wanna see more. Jon rahm interviews. Maybe again. maybe. I just haven't been paying attention. But when he speaks he says interesting things. It's not just boilerplate boring shit that everyone says when he did his post round interview i thought he said some really insightful and interesting thing so maybe i just missed it but i thought he was great. He's got a good team around him too because you could tell his response about the covert stuff was yeah was completely talked about. Prior to that round. Multiple people had their hand in what he was going to say. Because that is the big ticket question. That is the thing that they want to get from him like. You could have went back to back weeks. He had the world's perfect answer like a person that gets paid. Hundreds of thousands of dollars to come up with that answer. Came up with that answer. It was. I mean it moved me. It was like his friend had passed away. We're still in it and you know what we can only learn from this like. I am lucky i mean you john round that stuff just off the top of the head. When he's walking off eighteen tell weeks ago and that it's not as inciteful and thought thoughtful is that i think he's probably pretty fucking man but man. He was really really good today after his win. I mean he's just super gracious super humble guy that like i said he's easy to root for when he's playing. Well he really is. I got i gotta say boy. Did i make the wrong decision because you know we get these. I got this thing. I'm wearing right now. Which i don't need to wear for the podcast but i swear i'm gonna take it off actually for ridiculous but you know we get this inside the ropes pass And everybody knows where you go to golf. I imagine almost every single listener to our show was gone to author. It's very hard to watch golfing person like you can only see two people to time especially obviously saturday and sunday. And there's a lot happening like on the golf coverage they cut from shot to shot. Shot shot when you can just file shot shot cha cha cha cha john keep going you see you can only see basically to golf shots every like five minutes or four minutes or whatever it is and like so it's it's important and then As the back on kind of started there were what like eight guys within a shot or do with the lead and it was rory was making a move price and was making a move brooks had made a move louis was hanging on Rahm was making a move and they're all kind of in different groups and i That i was like man. Who should i follow. Who could i get the best action from. It's all over the and places there's big names. What am i going to get. And i did. The exact opposite of what. Frankie did when he witnessed the 2017 masters tournament where he saw like every show for that tournament. I saw none of every single thing everywhere that i went. I saw nothing like literally. Nothing will happen. I went. I left like the wrong group and followed him to holes. He missed every potty saw. I leave him to find. Rory rory goes like bogey double ram all the sudden make bombs in his fist pumping to the moon. And i have to try to find it on twitter where it doesn't work because there's you know fifteen thousand people around so twitter's that working so i couldn't even see the rahm fist pump for like thirty minutes even on site and i just missed everything everything that happened. I missed and then at the end. When i decided to follow a stays like he just pulls one left on seventeen into the shit and i'm just like i saw nothing cool like nothing. Good that occurred at this tournament. Did i actually witness in person. So i just blew it like every everywhere i could have been. I wasn't there at the right time in everywhere that like something. You'd thought sweet would have been like. I guess the coolest thing i saw was bryson. Blade went over the green on thirteen.

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