A highlight from Ep 436 | Saving America Means Saving the Family | Guest: Ken Blackwell


Hey guys welcome to relatable. Today i am talking to mr ken. Blackwell of the family research council. He is also an author of several books and this is a very encouraging conversation. You are going to leave with a love for america and hope that things can get better and that's just something that we really need right now. We're gonna talk about racial harmony. The enemies to racial harmony and just american unity in general and what we can do justice average people to make the world around us better and to make sure that we are moving in a good direction in the united states. It's a good reminder that you don't have to be an influence or to have influenced by you raising your family With the values that god has given us in his word with the values of hard work and responsibility that we can make the world around us better. And that's all that we're called to do we can't change. The world is just one person but we can influence this fears that god has placed us in. So i'm very excited for you to hear his insights and to give encouragement and advocation from him as well so without further ado. Here's mr ken. Blackwell mr. blackwell. Thank you so much for joining me. I think most people listening or watching already know but just in case. Can you tell everyone who you are and what you do. I'm kim blackwell. I am a fellow at the family. Research council in washington. Dc and has served on the board of several conservative constitutionally. A centered organizations. And you read something. Recently we talk a lot on this podcast about critical race theory You have also talked about critical race theory and how it undermines racial can you expound on that a little more. I know for people on the left. That's a surprising statement. Could've grace theory as it has been advanced Sets up a hierarchy of racial types It under the guiso attacking racism Actue deepens the institutional racism that that might exist in the in. The world look those proponents critical race. Theory of believe that america was locked into a moment of history their their motto is sixteen nineteen model and they believe that as a consequence of being frozen moment. America is irreparably a racist and must be reconstructed torn down and fundamentally reconstructed whether they are those of us who understand history as a process that america was not frozen in the sixteen. Nineteen modality We in fact had a seventeen. Seventy six Birth as as as a nation and while there are moments in our history since seventeen seventy six where there have been a racial challenges What we have is a universally accepted principle that that the government no form of government is the grandeur human rights are human rights are gifted guy inherited human dignity and governments can only i recognize and and and protect those fundamental under mental human rights and so critical race theory out basically says that there is this cabal of racial geniuses who in fact can unfreeze from a moment that they claim that we are frozen in sixteen nineteen and do their critical of manipulations Can change into the perfect utopian society and that is just pure is just pure nonsense. Since seventeen seventy six as lincoln opined a we are not a perfect nation but we are perfectible nation. an we've seen tremendous tremendous advancements in in racial harmony eight and the breaking down those barriers to opportunity have been based on race and we have seen a tremendous transformation in our country. Those who want frees us in the sixteen nineteen moment of history Are are looking at the world backwards and they have falsely claimed the title being progressive thinkers. And what do you think is behind that. Why wouldn't we want a positive view of our country as a country who is imperfect but his made amazing progress. Why would people like. Abram mex- kindy or nicole hannah jones or rob and diangelo what to say that we're stuck in sixteen nineteen which is a statement on its face. That seems ridiculous. Why these the many of these theorists and activists have Their their roots in marxist leninist worldview and they've fund up nearly are don't believe of a n. a how're they don't believe That that that paragraph the second paragraph in the declaration of independence which says we hold these truths to be self evident and my dad who was a blue collar worker High school graduate. He's always say to me and my brother Any knuckleheads should be able to get this. You know that. We're randhawa our creator with unalienable rights and that among these are life liberty pursuit of happiness. And so what. What would that paragraph really brings. Home is that there are all kinds of his. We are different and heightening. Wait in income and skin color What we all have a human dignity and Recognition of the universality of our human dignity to gives rise to this whole body of banking in practice of protecting our our human rights. And so if you if you follow the logic of the marxist leninist and collectivists thinkers and activists They see no use forgot and a no use for for for the basic unit of the family because they think That government would centralized power and a bureaucratic lee That they are the masters of the universe and the granddaughters of Our human rights in determining who should get what and win on its

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