A highlight from Part 1: Ray Arsenault, Dick Powell, Tony Black


Dot com case. I guess that was the thumbs up to the soundcheck. Came in about ninety seconds later Heading to one of those one of those weekends one of those post big event weekends and of course we triple crown coming to an end. We all get to take a deep breath. Relax a little right you get a little breather here between now and july fourth. Which is that's usually plenty of good racing that weekend new york valmont kind of wraps up the the season with the stars and stripes festival and certainly everybody in new york deserves a of a freshening. Frankly after The the intense belmont stakes weekend. And you know coming back. Coming on sunday we went to the zoo. But as you just heard discussed with if you're listening to the replay with seth but you know having to having to come right back on sunday in. They don't do it in baltimore. They don't do it. Louisville and in new york historically has always come back and and raced on the sun. I think there was one year handful years ago. I think there was a year that they didn't they didn't run on on the sunday. I can't of maybe maybe it was maybe was in india dissipation that there was a triple crown try. I can't remember what that look at the calendar. But they're going to be excited. Even though everybody else. I think is a little kind of maybe on a little cruise control at woodbine after yesterday's draw that has to be the most probably enthusiastic draw in anybody's memory. Ray arsenault actually is gonna join us in about fifteen minutes. We'll we'll we. Were gonna talk to ray anyway. Whether the woodbine opening was happening saturday or not But the in election to the nhc hall of fame. So it's a it's a nice crossover conversation and the today and tomorrow will have plenty of woodbine coverage tomorrow as well but if you haven't had a chance. They put together an eleven race card for opening day. Saturday one twenty first post in the tobacco and hundred and twenty horses entered in the eleven races plus three eighty s and a nice Nice friday no snakes yet either. I mean just it's just meat and potatoes. The condition book classics as it were and everybody everybody. Eager to run should be should be a terrific day so see what race thoughts are pending in and kind of looking up and down the woodbine trainers in today section and. It looks like it looks like everybody got you know. Got their chance. led by. You know some of the the big names the antar family. And you got the kevin. Said steve all represented roger outfield. How 'bout josie carroll with with four kassy's got gas. He's got seven in like the paulo. He's got four in bob. Tiller has got four stewart. simon three. It's a nice Nice way to get going and we're excited for everybody. Mto out we'll be providing plenty of woodbine coverage. They also of course got set for saturday. In new york and in louisville and cetera could be actually a nice woodbine slash churchill slash belmont cross country. Pick five To talk about tomorrow as well let me also fold in some of the before we talk results including indiana and delaware yesterday. Let me get some of the news in while we got an opportunity. And i suppose following up from yesterday and i appreciate it. I got a couple of. I've got a couple of nice emails and appreciated them about allen. Foreman's visit yesterday So the linda rice and medina's dina spirit discussions. I guess went a long way to helping people kind of understand the the issues at large. Linda rice the linda rice story that advanced As of

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