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Pat Gray Unleashed


Sixth another january sixth lie has been Started to circulating this weekend this week and it is that the cost of the rioting at the capitol building was thirty million dollars will now the government already told us last week it was one and a half million so now all of a sudden it's twenty times the actual figure they just keep lying about this day. So which is it this. There's they're saying now that it is thirty million rhyming. The damage to the capitol building and the surroundings. Yeah the government has said it was one and a half million and then the head of maintenance or something at the at the capital thirty million dollars. Thirty million no. No no is the answer to that. And i don't know how much you're charging for that podium. I'd like to see the receipts plays young. What is that made out of solid gold. I don't think so because the person was carrying it around pretty easily leading me to believe that it wasn't Wasn't made a gold plus Really the podium was returned yes but did it have scratches on it. You don't know the millions of dollars repairs. It could have gone into. They returned it the one lady. You remember the the footage of the lady when it was returned was just dragging it across the tile could. Yeah nobody wanted to help or carry it did. she's just dragging it pushes it across the dial. Yep so that did some damage right there. That's a good point the flooring the marble flooring there was damaged so yeah an expensive proposition to mention the amount of dead people that still haven't been able to bury yet the piles and piles of dead bodies that have to be dealt with at some point. I don't i don't know when they're going to do anything about it. You know. They lied about brian. Nick the officer who was killed. How long did they like to us about that. In even the family from the very beginning was saying he died of strokes. We think he died of strokes and that is the official cause of death in the corner. We yeah. We didn't know they didn't want that to come out. They still want to blame the trump people for beating him to death. He didn't get beaten to death. No one did got shot dead by police but the only actual killing was done by the capital news. Now we do know and we don't know the name of that person we do know from The one ad that was that was aired around the country that The officers were called bad names. That's right yeah. We did hear that and they were Somebody talked to him with raised. Voices sterling. They said stern things to them. In addition to some foul things to them. Now i'm not condoning any of that i. I don't like what happened. I think it's despicable and Whoever caused property damage to the capital should be held accountable. They should pay the price but to make this out to be worse than nine. Eleven we with one six now. Hit is yeah. It's it's just asinine and there again. They're trying to put together a commission. They're pissed off that republicans Don't want one. Meanwhile nobody talks about a commission for what happened during the rioting All late last spring and summer into the fall. What about that. How come nobody has to pay a price for that. Just crazy just It's asinine but fascinating. How every day some new lie develops about the capital Riot on january. Sixth and i think the nobody's been charged with any sort of insurrection. Charge have thanks now as of yet. I mean there's still people being held and on out on out on bail right That have not been know that anyone has actually been s- sentenced. No i know the people are being held. But they're not being tried yet right and as far as i know. Nobody's facing a charge of insurrection. So i don't know we'll see we'll see how long they can drag that out and how bad they can pretend it was triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three also. Add pat unleashed on twitter. Anthony fauci seems to somebody got under his skin now. Somehow job really pissing him off now. Well he's got. This is his way of trying to you know. Save his job right. He's got to fight back. Otherwise he's out i mean he's he thinks with the biden administration. I mean they're perfectly happy with. I don't know the world seems to be crumbling in him now. He's he's actually said twice in the last week that an attack on an attack on me is in an attack on science. Zion's itself year. Tony so i just follow the science. I am science. I invented science okay. He also talking about his flip-flopping because he's getting pissed off that we noticed that you've been both sides every issue. Now follow this but you want us to follow the science correct okay. Well how do we know it's not going to change again because it changes so often so we're a tad confused. Here's what he had to say In his defense cut to. I want to get to the political attacks. You become You've been sort of become a caricature on the right. There's some really. Wild fantastical conspiracies posit gotta play. What's the wild fantastic conspiracy involving anthony. Thoug- i think he's gonna give us one example here. Good fantastical conspiracies. I gotta play one. Because it's a sitting united states. Senator marsha blackburn. I think we have a sound of this. Let's let's that one pleased some facts that are want you to know first of all yes. Dr fauci was e mailing with mark zuckerberg from facebook trying to create that narrative. Cherry picking information so that you would only know what they wanted to know. Utah's okay so you're citing a wild fantastical conspiracy theory that he emailed mark zuckerberg. That's why is that wild and fantastical. I mean that's actually that's true. They had email correspondence and mark was asking. You know what i'll do. Whatever you need just let me know mazing. Let's see what else she had to say. There would be a narrative that one fit with this cherry

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