Belarus 'Diverts Ryanair Flight to Arrest Journalist', Opposition Says


Authorities scrambled a fighter jet and flagged what turned out to be a full spam alert to force orion airplane to land on sunday and then detained opposition minded journalist who was on board during condemnation from europe and the united states in what was described by some e you leaders as a hijacking. The passenger plane flying from athens to lithuania were suddenly diverted to minsk the capital of belarus escorted there by a soviet era. Mig twenty nine fighter jet on its landing. authorities journalists roman protas savage into custody productivity had his head in his hands and was shaking when he realizes the flight was headed for minsk. Lithuania's delfi news outlet said quoting passenger later as lead away. According to the report he remarked all the death penalty here. The twenty six year old journalist worked for poland based online new service nexta which will cost of mass protests against belarussian president alexander lukashenko last year via the telegram messenger app at a time when it was hard for foreign media to do so pro to seven who now works for different telegram channel could mover is wanted in belarus on extremism charges and stands accused of organizing mass riots and of inciting social hatred allegations. He denies data showed. The plane was diverted just two minutes before. It was due to cross into lithuanian espace. Us foreign relations committee chairman. Bob menendez issued a statement with the heads of seven european parliamentary foreign affairs panels denouncing the force landing as an act of piracy. They called for a ban. On all overflights of belarus including to and from the country and for nato and easy you states to impose sanctions and suspend better russa's ability to use interpol poll. The us demanded a full investigation of an action. They said endangered the lives of the passengers including us citizens

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