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Hear back. In time i am not really that upset yet. But i i will be soon pretty much. No doubt about will be of course. Jeffey joins us. Keith is away on vacation. Darn the luck. Yeah miss him terribly. Well let's get over it though. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. Are you number to call. I pretty good. You know better than i was really the plague this of what we had just some virus Went to the doctor who some man virus virus. I really thought. I really thought it might be corona virus because Lost my sense of smell taste completely back. Maybe seventy percent now not quite all back But so that happened. Which is one of the big you know. Seattle covid had the fever at the gym. All had the body aches congestion crazy so we had hopped with that we have prophesized a little bit on the program yesterday. that You just went behind everybody's back. And just you know snuck the vaccine. Just remnants of the vaccine israeli happened. No that's not what happened okay. But according to the so. I did get the test. Obviously they tested me for both covid and lou. Negative on both. She said they haven't. They haven't had a positive covid test at that clinic in three weeks. No positives and they haven't had a positive flu test in a year and a half. Wow senate incredible. I mean she the the flus god. They don't know exactly what happened to the speculate that it's because we're distancing and whatever wear masks. Yeah wearing masks. We'll do a thing by helps. Yeah oh yeah. Big time out g told the obama administration. Yeah it's really not effective So yeah it's tiny sneaks right through those masks fibers which is what we heard in the beginning. Yes it is. And then of course the science evolved. That's what he's saying now. Science the science evolves trump supporters doda. Understand these did they science evolves shut up ochre. Okay he's never said he's evolving it. Would it would be helpful if he said you know what we've learned more about this and yet turns out. The masks are effective. That and then not so much later on Now the masks really don't do much it's just for show. I mean the guy can't keep his story straight but in the trump supporters. That don't understand. There's going to be a whole lot more. Those three thousand emails were dumped out. I mean it's going to be. It'll be interesting. It'll be very interesting so so no flew in a year and a half. Nobody knows what happened to the common cold and flu we lost. I think we lost him. I mean good. Yeah i mean that's great. I've not really disappointed. I'm not excited about swapping it out for covid. Nineteen now i know but but essentially over. Anyway i mean. You're the nurse that you talked to said. They haven't had a positive case in three weeks. And i mean america believes. Now it's over it's over. It's essentially over this past weekend. The people we talked about. I mean we've talked about it. This past weekend. People were out i know. Isn't that the fourth of july in the backyard with two people eight feet apart. I get that. don't forget the accident. Now yeah right but America believes it. Though i mean yesterday i sat here yesterday. Pat people they were bringing people into this building for some shoot at one of our studios. I thought we. I mean it's world for business all really. Yeah i mean. I was like a parade in here. I was amazing. I was like okay where it's over. We're done where we've moved on. Some of the people had masks still wearing masks but essentially done. Yeah it's over. I asked the nurse if they had to be vaccinated There at that office and she said they left it up to to them surprisingly and she had chosen not to because she'd seen so many people come in really sick after receiving the vaccination. That's kinda put her off. I one she said it was after the first one or the second one. Or did you just say after they've been vaccinated. It just makes people so sick. I so i don't know i don't know either. What are you gonna do the state the vaccine hesitant file now. That's what i'm doing vaccine hesitant for right now. Of course. I'm not going to get it while i'm sick anyway but but i don't know i'm just pretty leery of it. And every time i get home the flutter stories just comes with i every every time i've i'm like all right. I know what i'm just going to give in and get it And something happens that pulls they keep pulling me back in yeah. Yeah i'm just amazed at the number of people who have gotten it though. Despite all the all the information out there. That could be some problems after you get it. i know. i think it's been a pretty good response to it considering they said yesterday right. We're at fifty two percent fully vaccinated. Well that's impressive pretty good. Yeah i know that they want that. Seventy or eighty mark but fifty. Two percent feels pretty good. Yeah i mean and it does seem like we're pretty well we're certainly past the worst of it and on this on the downward slide. Yes toward just being done with the ones. There's plenty there's plenty of people still trying to hold down to the covid nineteen powers of Overseeing everything and having the rules and having their foot on the you know on our on our feet but Having their foot on are going to do another analogy and other neck throat after george flow more. Yeah like the whole neck analogy anymore now. It's gone their foot on. I'm staying with that. I'm staying with that. I have back not doing it. I'm sorry go put your foot on. that's fine. I'm okay with that. I don't want to hear the next thing i don't. I saw a clip. The other day that had that showed the Showed officer traveling with this neon. George floyd again just a few seconds of it And i thought wow. It looks just horrible It was just this really bad. Yup and now he's fighting to not have any jail time as attorneys yesterday. Speaking of during his attorneys are like yeah. It's probably just get out umbro bachchan the prosecutors are like how about No but we do like thirty forty years about that. He's getting his slapped with some serious time right. Because i asked him i think because a he deserves it be They're concerned with what will happen. Man it's not a stiff penalty. Oh man yes. There's upsets figuring into the equation. I mean we're only it's not supposed to yeah game. And yes they don't want all hell breaks loose again. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety-three three also at pat unleashed on twitter. I gotta get to some of the some of the biden speech from the other day. Good stuff i mean. It's very important that he's leading. The country is at the forefront of this of this nation. Yeah uniting that's the word. He's uniting america again And what a way to do it. She's I i know we played this the other day but I got to play it again. 'cause it is unbelievable Biden talking about he's commemorating the one hundred year anniversary of the tulsa race massacre. Zor calling it now right used to be called the tulsa race riot now. It's the massacre lack wall street. Here's what he had to say. My fellow americans.

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