A highlight from Gaby Dunn & That Village People Musical Feat. Caitlyn Jenner (A Movie Club Preview!)


And get started one of the classic movie musical. Flops of all time can't stop. The music is supposedly the story of the village. People starring the village people. But it also star steve gutenberg and caitlyn jenner. But it's not really close to the truth in any way so who better to break down all the straight washing with me than gabby dump. The full show is about two hours ten minutes long. It's available in audio and video over on the patriot. Dot com slash. Creggan friends along with plenty of other movie clubs and gabby will be returning for the cruising movie club coming up very soon for pride so enjoyed this preview and see you over a patriot dot com slash crooked france. Alan carr legendary producer. Send you some footage that you're gonna flip out over. There's a great documentary on him. Called the fabulous alencar. direct way. jeffrey schwartz. Who did the i am. Divine vito russo documentary tab hundred documentary and alan carr. Was this larger than life figure. Okay so brett ratner bought his house and kept everything as it was. Oh wow there was a disco in the basement and there's cameras that no one knew about in there and i've heard from pretty reliable source at some of the footage exists now he would have these parties where it would be like you know. After a certain time it was boys only. Everyone was the every politician that will anyone and everyone who was gay and in the in the click was there. Yeah there was a there. Was something called the mattress party. Norio was there. There's a great book party. Animals terrible titled nureyev. The dance got the. Did i just say the wrong name. Yeah and it was the mattress party and he made very intense use of the mattresses allen had the epiphany to make a village people movie after seeing the band live and then he's in the car back surprisingly he was on cocaine. I mean it's very shocking. I know eighty not the heyday of the village. People you know the movie the no. The movie was shot at the tailwind. End of the heyday of the village. People also was shot at the same time on the same streets as cruising so cruising. I read people were protesting cruising but they didn't know which movie was which protesting the village people movie which is so funny also i just watched cruising for the first time like i i know this is not about cruising cruising comes up. Probably a fair amount of my show. So it's really not a problem so cruising was being shot at the same time. Those movies obviously totally similar the same great musical numbers in both. Yeah where's my crews musical. That would be one one right one. I'm here so let's do it. I'm sorry i'm sorry. We are twenty minutes in and we have not even discuss third lead of film. We have buried the lede. Oh yes we have have okay. And where did we get back to the. We're going to get back to the whole how the movie came to be. Yeah yeah all of that stuff. But let's get into what you want to talk about the top of this third part of. What is the fever dream of this film. This is the part that so my roommate is a man is also a village. People song told my roommate. I just wanted to throw that in. Yeah so anyway you. Ruben is a trans woman film. Like she's just like a film writer. She writes for auto shadow and she knows everything about movies. Like a queer movies and lesbian movies. Oh cool and and like transform and so she had no idea caitlyn. Jenner was in this no idea so. This was the part that i ran in and i was like drew yet. There's a there's a trans movie you don't know about what house like. Caitlin jenner is the third lead of kitsap the music and she was like you need to send this to me right now. This information we need to adjust the files. I sent it to drew to watch because she was like. This is missing from my a knowledge of everything and i ended. She was like does. Does she have a female love interest in it and i was like she does. Andrew was like so. It's trans lesbian. So i can't wait for her review to appear on auto straddle like. Did you guys know that. I'm so happy that this is having a yeah. Well okay so guys. Olympian caitlyn jenner. It stars in the film as a young person named ron wait. A tax attorney attack attorney who is delivering a cake from saint louis. Yes i don't know if the cakes from saint louis but he's from saint louis in the process of a divorce which we find out halfway through the mad capital seen with valerie perrine and caitlyn by the way very charming and cute valley. yeah and also was well. I'll tell you later throughout the film eating whatever she wants now because she's no longer model so just challen down her personality. She's just so fat. Yeah she's like her old boss is like how. How fat or are you now. She's like oh so fat joking but like she's just like eat she's like oh you know. Let me a model anymore for ice cream cones a day. Let's do it baby. Let me just pause you for a second exactly. And so she says something. Let's get into the product placement. A little bit she goes. I feel just out of it. I'm rundown. I gotta go. Get me a haagen-dazs rush. Excuse me baskin robbins of thank you so much for saving me there. So i gotta go get me a baskin robbins rush. And it's important that it's baskin robbins. Why because there was a tie in flavor with the

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