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App apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Yes what decision. We're about to make a decision walmart. Good show off. We speaking english today. Because i we we making bracket after easter so esl and east saul same thing but in florida. We ethan. but you know. Apparently in florida we do everything differently. Can florida hasten creo hasten. And i'm gonna tell you. Hey san hey singlish haitian is when you're from miami yours though your head. Your hair is not dreadlocked at like six together in a very kodak blackish. it is miami. Not all but don't do that only haitians with the jury. It's they chose not all know there's ocean it'd be regular like just regular negative withdraw. It's like that it's a miami culture thing not haitian thing i don't think so but anyway out. Damn this show is so ghetto. It's not joscelyn's cabaret ghetto guy. Jocelyn asked to come on the job his make him. We might have to save money for a network. I never thought i would pay. But did you see the white bitch. The got her as be and she was like. I could do it again. I'll take the as beaten this. You just got beat up three times. You guys remember the abortion. Double homicide clinton. This is my favorite thing ever said on the show. And this is what made me by zeus. One moment here we go this is jocelyn getting a lap dance. But those of you who can't watch out not things that come out saying no necking not say that dude brush. She is career. I know we don't do them guests but we have to prove that request all mar. Gosh sorry because you know what means we think ms wendy williams you know what she had a valid points. There and people are like. Oh she's cracked out coca. I'm sorry. I don't think that my my thing is wendy. Shady still needed that. Look so if you didn't like anything that we not easy. That wendy williams does for you to still go on to promote your show on her platform. Now you need media as much as media needs you sometimes use. So what she w- she she'll the show doing her press. Run for joscelyn's cabaret airing right. But then she spent like six minutes telling wendy she's not nice black woman and she should be nicer because she came from the gutter and she should go on the breakfast loads charlemagne all the time but do you know how many people also refuse to go on the breakfast club as well because of how they feel like. It doesn't do anything for black artists in talk down on black women black artists so to me. If you wanna make a don't show up because now you still use her while you saying here trying to dog do you that about the breakfast club. Because like they're gonna talk shit that's their job but how many fucking people have been you up late if the team is wendy williams artery to be fair. So that's what i'm saying like iran too and i'm gonna be real. I love kiki and wendy was that was i. I hated watching that. I mean. I mean she's nasty but people have said that same thing to charlemagne to envy and love charlene. So i mean it's it's their job and at the same time america's sweetheart if you're if you're who's the white america's sweetheart jennifer aniston kiki palmer is our jennifer jennifer lawrence google. Whose america's like white sweetheart a miley dropped twenty three. No no white american cared for miley anymore. No garages because she was just like her. I thought very here for america's sweetheart american. I don't know hillary duff. Go one all those years back you. It's twenty twenty one right now. You mean yeah no karen. I'm on my state right now. Who is currently like lively. Maybe fuck So apparently yeah america's sweetheart. It's eighteen was julia. Roberts co she likes seventy. I've over. Kiki as black america's sweetheart and white people not to kiki palmer is one hundred percent america's sweetheart and no kiki palmer slandered. I think should ever be tolerated and to come from wendy's now like how again. It's not surprising. But wendy has but i guarantee you wendy's old. I guarantee you. What the treatment. If kiki comes out with a movie tomorrow and is on her press run she will choose against probably sitting with wendy again. That is my point if you don't like what the people which is why meg didn't go. Kiki wooden would that's one thing so jocelyn girl. You still need wendy. So don't come on talking about you. Don't respect you use it. Though wendi ms wendy williams williams. I have the number one show in america windy she. Didn't you have it on the fact that she didn't even know growth. Zoos and i real quick at and do you know. One person has y'all because i don't know i don't know what china mama. Oh i never heard of zeus before this before really i know of now they have. They bought her season one for tv. Yeah and i know simone front of the show. She had a show on the dating show. Oh actually trying to find love. So johnny can't go. Tv okay so now we have abortions by talking. You're all your spanish theft blood after your tion. We can't talk about our abortion. I don't really remember him. Sorry it was so long ago. Who is so. I know olive out thing that i know. I think everything was normal really. I think. But i had the pill. That's why. oh yeah. No not me mush. It was crazy. I call the hotline. It's with our difference on my forces you to miscarry yet. I win in a gave me a little pill to go to sleep. And they put a little tulip down the right okay but it was only like a dad like of course they make you feel bad so they did the sonogram they make you feel bad when you're bad for doing an abortion. We we talk about this what you want. No quick they make you do the little sonogram and they'd be like here's what you're before they out. Just as she knew she had twins. Who what's a girl on joscelyn's camera they show you the sonogram. No serious they bitch bitch

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