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Heiser bush announced that bears on them on july the fourth. That's right. Get a shot and have a beer free beer for everyone. Twenty one years or over to celebrate the independence from the virus. If seen crispy cream has done this i would not recommend a crispy cream of the beer. But i'll leave that to other people to decide soon giveaway. Barnicle cannot get another shot like born. Yeah that's a really nice start. The show can't get another shot to get a beer. Okay good morning. We talked about this yesterday. Like between crispy cream and now lottery tickets lottery takes thirteen fourteen china right in our wheelhouse all have now. I'm not gonna tell me crispy cream to get me social security now versus doughnut elaborate scheme get into dangerous. Welcome to morning joe. It is five seconds before the top of the hour. Three two one. Good morning along. With joe willie and me. We have professor at princeton university. Eddie claude junior republican strategist and msnbc's analysts. Susan dealt burst ceo and president of the council on foreign relations. Richard haass who i've heard. Is he going to be accepted as our gulf little. He's a little weak british up. Open coming up. you didn't control you. Roger owns weekend. He can make. He can make a zero zero draw. Sound like you know. But i didn't love gettysburg but we had phil. Nicholson getting mugged walking down. The i didn't have to add to it. Spoke for show. Sometimes you have to go with the story sometimes. Don't make the story about you right. Exactly wants to. He wants to be a year. He wants to be our golf correspondent roger. Let's get another shot the us. Open your show coming up in abolishing. Okay okay let's get to the scare so really. This is front page of the new york post. Really that bad out there profanity. The graffiti nineteen seventy seventy log. There's a lot more than there was some years ago thus important stories on the other side of that though which is the new york knicks season ended last night. The hands of that young player named trae young. He's absolutely zena so fun to watch and just living up. To the moment packed garden he was the villain. He bowed after he hit the three. That was the dagger to end the game. So knicks on the upswing felt like a good season. But it's over now but that guy trae young. Having his moment he's a superstar. I was born in atlanta and been suffering with the hawks. And the falcons for you. We'll since the late nineteen sixties. I think the last time. I saw hawks game. Dominique wilkins wilkins. But i. i started watching. This guy is just incredible. Really good at solid. Yeah he's twenty two years old so he's got a big future ahead of him he's been a little bit down at atlanta this year. This has been his coming out of the garden full time every time he got the ball and he was just gone. It was reggie miller exactly the same front page. Lead in the times is Netanyahu may be replaced. Maybe we stop me. If you've heard this before. I read this headline about six times. It seems like a fragile coalition. Do you think it's going to hold up to two hurdles. One is over the next ten twelve days between now and mid june. Can they get a vote of confidence in the israeli knesset in the parliament. That means bb doesn't pull away one or two people before that if they get through that. Then the really part begins. They've got to govern. And only thing for i can tell. They agree on their opposition to be This goes from this is this is an end zone. Coalition this is not a unity coalition. It's an end zone coalition so what they can actually do whether they can hang together. There are a lot of people that are looking Really really really going to change policy that much because the new prime minister is at least as far to the right not farther than he's pro annexationist. So the answer's the interest. They could probably agree on some limited domestic policy this or that bridge or something like that also got an interesting thing for the first time formerly in the coalition parties is an arab islamic party. And what's interesting about that. You remember the a few weeks ago. What you had the two million israeli arabs. You'd fantasy real fighting and direction between that. This is the first time and their agenda is to basically talk about it. Why won't use expression but their agendas is to provide money and resources for israel's arab and islamic minority. It's a really. It's an interesting moment in israeli politics and susan. Wbz last night had a marriage debate How how things breaking that way is. A lot of people. Were yelling and screaming and trying to get attention. I don't think it worked. I actually think garcia did well by not having a lot looking for a lot of airtime and scott stringer mile. Maya wiley front in the show. She you know they really tried to break out. But i still think it's. Eric comes down to eric adams and enter young and eddie going to on the show today. Washington post in voting fights all eyes and joe manchin trying to. I'm trying to think of the last time. The senator had as much power as joe. Manchin has right now and right now. All eyes remain on him three months in.

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