A highlight from Hour 1: NBA Playoffs with Amin Elhassan


I'll give it a listen someone else right when it goes on apple. Podcasts later today absolutely love that they have him on. Weekly dude is a dick but no one really gives more honest insight into the game than he does about it. You don't hear that. And i know many of you. Object all the time to david samson being on with us and too bad. Because if we weren't lessening afford to what people are telling us we're certainly not gonna do it now. They've been saying that forever again. I just don't care. I really don't i don't know how else to tell you. I'm here to make the content and he makes the making of content. Easy basketball. Did that yesterday for us. To god's because this is some of the stuff it's not all of it some of the stuff that happened yesterday. And if you didn't watch the game yesterday we're about to take our gaze away from playoff p. Paul george and focus it on. Ben simmons now as we into guys who. Don't show up when you need them to show up. But scott brooks leaves the wizard stan. Van gundy our friend. It looks like he's gonna end up back here at some point because very short. Run with the pelicans. Donnie nelson out with the mavericks. Luca is holding a press conference today and is said to be mad about dinelson being out kawhi leonard out chris. Paul positive covid tests. Mike conley missing game five hamstring kyrie irving out game six because of an ankle. But i think today is about laughing at the sixers is it not. I cannot believe that they lost that basketball game at home. It's not just that they had twenty four twenty six point lead. It's that they had a fourteen point lead with six minutes left at home. To god's think got nothing in the second half nothing from anyone other than the lesser curry brother and embiid not a single basket from anybody. And i wonder i mean i mean. I'll have him with us here as the stat line of. Ben simmons looks like the stat line of for can cork mas. Are you ready to declare now. I mean like simmons isn't actually superstar. He's not a superstar period I'm

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