A highlight from Introducing: International Infamy


June seventeenth nineteen ninety four. Millions of americans were sitting in front of their. Tv's watching the nba finals. But in the second quarter. The game was interrupted by breaking news. The california highway patrol was chasing a white. Suv down the four. Oh five and inside. The suv was nfl hall of famer oj. Simpson from that moment the oj. Murder trial was pretty much. The only story anyone cared about. It wasn't just about a double homicide. It was about race celebrity discrimination in the justice system. Every country has at least one story like this. A crime that drags all of society's ugliest problems out of the shadows and into the spotlight and once everyone's looking it's impossible to look away in mexico. For example one of the biggest crime stories in recent memory was about a serial killer who strangled and robbed elderly women. At first this case seem to be about the decay and dehumanisation of mexico city the weakening family bonds that left these old women alone and defenseless. But by the time the killer was caught it was about so much more than that sexism. Police corruption abuse poverty and

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