How I Made It: Kali Uchis

Latino USA


Since i was a kid i always loved. Oldies always loved music. That was like very dreamy. I used to do covers a lot of spanish songs. Like eh forget there is by janette and soured me the book. Yes osama says it done does a lot of my earlier music was because i didn't know how to produce. It was literally just samples. I've like the blackbirds literally. All my songs were of these. That i loved so definitely played a huge influence on the artists. I am today. The beginning of breaking into the industry was definitely just. When i've got my first laptop. I wanted to make documentaries in colombian i wanted to make art films and i always love making music and writing as well so i wanted to make music that accompanied there so i guess that was how i started the journey of like putting together my first little mix tape i maybe songs really quickly and i just put it out on like a website called opinion at the time and i put out these little videos that had been making it started just getting a lot of shares between people who had been around much longer than me making music mish longer than me and were very established in the industry so it was kind of embarrassing for me actually. After i realized that so many people were sharing it. I took it down off the internet. I couldn't have been eighteen because i graduated early. And i think it was my graduation year. I might have even been like seventeen going on eighteen at the time. I just was like if something that i literally made. Just messing around could get so much attention. Let me try to actually make some music. If you plus y'all yup

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