Dawn Staley and Tara VanDerveer Push for Equity in NCAA Sports


It is a really great to reconnect with you. And you've been down this road. We're talking about so often right now as you were gathering information for your talking to so many of the key players that have played a role in all this afternoon. And how are you Paul it's always a pleasure. Thanks for africa for a weeks for college sports. It has been really remarkable. And i want to talk about the aspect that you wrote about this this week in the post because i thought i was reading about myself even though i was a little bit outdated for for your piece because we all start as young reporters college college sports scandal was the ticket and we finally reached a point as you write about. We're the whole thing got turned upside down. Tell us about what you learned in. In some of the people that you spoke and the conclusion that you reached. Yeah for sure. I this story i did was sort of like we all understand. You know where we are with the supreme court and obviously you know gin ta you know. Really changing sort of undermining his roles doing a complete one eighty But it's done in the past fifty years. At least out i wrote about the media angle And i think that that that's the way to sorta queue this amateurism story because you know a very long time uncovering college sports scandals you know always a really important job for a sports writer for a journalists. They gave out pulitzer prizes in nineteen eighties. When a small medium sized papers and kentucky arizona uncovered Casting given to players from

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