Ilhan Omar Leads the Latest Scam on Critical Race Theory


Before the break where he's like, Listen, we're not teaching critical race theory. No, I thought you were proud of it. Number one, I guess not. You're running from it, but he There's the stunt. You want to see the stunt get ready. Although they may not be assigning the Derrick Bell Delgado tax, said the critical theory texts from decades ago. They're teaching all the principles hidden. Here's the trick. And I'm gonna tell you how to beat it. Let me give you an analogy because stories sometimes work better and are easy to understand. It's like saying say, your real hand, Omar. Oh, my gosh. You guys are such y you know, brother marry er you're such whiners. We're not teaching a course in bank robbery, and then you go and you look at the curriculum and it says Here is how you purchase the firearm to get money from the bank. Here is how you write the note to the teller indicating you have the firearm here is how you get the note back and don't leave fingerprints. Here is how you ask for the money. Here is how you get rid of the dye pack. Here is how you position the getaway car. Here's how long it takes for the police to respond once the emergency button is hit. Here's how to launder the money afterwards and then going we're not teaching bank robbery. It's a cash withdrawal class. And you're like, Oh, okay. We're not teaching wanted to rob a bank. Really? Did you read the course. So their latest scam is again a word dance euphemisms wordplay again. We're not teaching critical race theory. You crazy parents out there roll overreacting yet you look at the curriculum White impression. The white male patriarchy. Knowledge is a construct of power. All things that strangely appear. Where Where do they appear? Jim? Where did they appear again? Oh, that's my critical race theory. Thank you. Thank you. I needed I forgot for a second. This is

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