A highlight from Gab and Juls: Paul Pogba's French Brilliance



Case and storms over west london. Today i'm gob. He's jewels the cabin show Have where the six or the euro. So we got punter you coming up. We'll be looking at the at the zuhdi. Will we have in ericsson. Update rafa benitez egypt. Rafa on his staying way to goodison. But there's one place to start which is obviously with the biggest game france against germany You smiling disagree with kunda gone and came off. The draw result affair resulted draw. Come on They they they need to wash again. I think he was so impressive from the french might be the style of football. Is your cup of tea and you might not like you and you might say minimalist niece you. Today is not free flowing football. I the italians have done so far against it. Seemed like germany. They had to be solid and efficient and controlling and they were midfield was fantastic. That's be going on and kimmage where be a bitter pill is used to bring another day. They can win this game three and there's nothing else to say. Yeah i think this is a good point. I don't think germany were were as bad equally. It wouldn't have been scandaleuse if they'd lost by three goals Because i think france a lot better with those offside goals that chalked off you know people like oh we are but you know what like yeah they were off side but it's not like the advantage trance gained from the they were rightly on of course. But it's not like the advantage gained means that france cheated to score. Those goals agree. It's still showed the mvp goal. How does not to do exactly exactly struck me about this and i wrote about him in. My piece was how blue collar. How hard you know if you think of loosely affront right grease imbaba benz. I'm paul pogba apart from benza. None of the other three scream out massive work ethic sacrifice you know. Put your body on the line. Whatever i mean. They'll do it when it's necessary but at club level and it's up because they're lazy and i'm gonna have this policy debate. It's it's because they're not asked to do that at club level. They're asked to stay fresh. The other people work for you with france. They put in such an intense shift. I saw especially agrees and pogba benza. My exciting and not a surprise. I thought that was remarkable i. I'm my reading jokes and tell me if i'm wrong is do. Trump is a very good man manager feelings about him in other ways and he clearly he asked the guy to do this wonderful spirit and they understand that to play together they need to provide this kind of intensity. Yeah and to win and to win. They have to be sold together to everybody. Makes the you play for each other. You fight for each other. Which working twenty eighteen. They've got no reason to change. And so then you go like well. No i'm not going to trial by fifty yards because that's not really like doing as you mentioned finished almost road bike. You saw even kidding. Mvp trying to do the price as well as could okay. This again is. He's not he's thinking. But still and roth tim's period and the mentality is the big thing in this team. And i think if they want to win the tournament. That's the only way they can do. Of course you can always play more attractive football and then make more and be more intense. And all of that. But i don't think that's in the dna of this team in the digital. I like making fun of yogi. Love as much as the next guy. However i i kind of looked at this and i felt for him a little bit. I just start that. I think they've they really only looked convincing in a back. Three in in a lot to think the last six seven games against latvia when they won seventy one but then i'm also wondering to myself. What can you actually do with this team. That's different and his life has also been complicated. I think by the return of homeowners. Who i very very good. But they limit your options and the way you play. The molars position doesn't exist a with a german national team. They they can't go and play four to three one nor would they want so. I think he's trying to work things out. But he has a bunch of square pegs in round holes under shaw and the fresh players but everybody in france we could not believe that jewish were kimmage. Who's the best. Holy mitchell in the world is not actually playing holding midfielder for his own country at the euros. How is that even possible gum. How can the guy who's the best position you play my white were. Clearly he played. Okay play there before we better. There's a ryback nova wing bike and clearly you franz that this is a. It doesn't have his bearings anymore. He's a bit lost it and it doesn't bring you as much as i think the reason is. You don't wanna pay three midfielders because you still want to have the wingers. And whatever else. But i wonder if three i don't think you can play for three not with almost starting but then you don't start host. I bring it back or let's stick with germany right as you know. I was forced to impersonate a german or about you but lost. I will continue doing that. You've already paid germany. You're not going to see them going tournament a you're not going to face in the final. So let's let's be helpful. Help help them go out and a high. here's why i don't think they can play for three three. We know given the the lack of given the preparation. They've had right so at the back. Four three three means robin goossens in a four. Which i don't think we've seen or or has really worked well at all when we have seen it. I'm not sure who would play right back in a four three. Three cluster enrich china. If you want okay michelle kaufman. Who don't play right back. Played in a three and that is just another body back there but at some point you have to pick the less worst of new tactical formation that you can use. Yeah no dot four three helps you bring back in midfield was

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