Raiders QB Derek Carr Would “Welcome” Reunion With Davante Adams


Has one year left on his contract. His current QB one Aaron Rodgers. We don't know when he's going to show up. We don't know how that situation is going to be solved with his fight up against Mark Murphy and also Brian Gouda Coons. Derek Carr did something smart. The other day. He was doing an interview courtesy of CBS and Derek Carr says he will try hard to recruit Davante Adams to Las Vegas. I've learned in this in this business, you never shut the door on anything, you know, I know that he's obviously the best receiver, you know, everyone said one of the best is the best receiver in the NFL. You know, the guy is unbelievable as Been one of my best friends since we were in college together. I love the guy. I would always welcome to play with him again. I think it would have liked some things in both of us that people haven't seen yet. You know, and, uh and I'm always open to that and I will be recruiting very hard. So when that time comes, it will be a full court press. I always love how if a general manager for president of football operations said that it would be tampering, a player says that I am no big deal whatsoever that he's going to be recruiting. De Monte and but I guess this cop out there or is opt out. There is all I said if that opportunity does present itself.

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